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Published on July 26, 2014

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PowerPoint Presentation: WELCOME eChitFund Software By PowerPoint Presentation: About eChit Web-Based application designed developed in PHP, MYSQL. PHP : Programming Language MYSQL : Database Smarty : HTML Templates Apache : WebServer. System has two separate independent modules 1) Subscriber Portal 2) Administrative Portal Centralizes System : You can install it on a centralize server and then you can access it from different branches PowerPoint Presentation: Subscriber Portal Subscriber Portal : It is subscriber dashboard / account which you can integrate with your website . You can give online access to your subscribers. so subscribers can see payment history, due payment, next auction details and to make online payment. New Subscriber : New member can fill & submit Member Registration Form online. Existing member : Login go to Subscriber Dashboard Group Section Payment Section Communication section Group Section : Current Chits/Groups, Auction Details PowerPoint Presentation: Subscriber Module 2 Payment Section : See their payment history , Check for payments due, Make due payments Online 3. Communication Section : See messages from staff/admin, Send message to staff PowerPoint Presentation: Member Home Administrative Portal : eChitFund is a complete ERP solution to manage chit fund business. This section will be managed by your Office Staff / Employee/ Admin. Subscriber Management: Detailed Subscriber Registration : Name , Home & Office Address, Phone, Nominee Details. Photo, ID Proof, address proof. Auto generated subscriber ID (e.g: TRV34) Subscriber card to customer Branch management : Multi - branch Support & Centralize System (CORE Banking system) PowerPoint Presentation: Agent Managment Agent / Introducer management system Maintain agents in hierarchical Structure like Rel-Manager on top and then you can have agents under it. Calculates Commission & Incentive of Agents Rankwise Keep the track of Payable, Given and Pending Commission Collection machine integration Daily collection can be done with machines, Generate and give onsite receipt to subscriber, Save time and data entry affort's. eChitFund is totally integrated with BALAJI collection machine. PowerPoint Presentation: Online Bidding Group Management Form in hands list / Statistics Report Group members : Add new member, Defaulters , Substitute Intimation Letters / Intimation SMS Chit Prize management Standalone easy accounting & XML Export : Stand alone accounting module that includes Receipt Voucher & Payment Voucher , Accounts , Day Book , Cash Book, Bank Book , Export accounting data to some software like tally. Subscription payment Management Maintain all cheques & cash transactions Cheque Follow-up through Bank reconciliation system. Single payment for multiple groups PowerPoint Presentation: Online Payment Privilege wise user management Can allow access to certain part of software to certain users only. Set Branch wise users Within system communication Staff Communication : Staff Can send message to branch manger . You can also send customized SMS’s and emails to subscribers like Birthday SMS, last date of payments, Payment receipt confirmation. Reports for MIS Comprehensive, flexible and user-friendly reports, s Daily Transaction Report Closing Report Consolidation Report Lien Confirmation Report. PowerPoint Presentation: THANK YOU by:

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