Choose a Sport- Everybody Gets a Chance to Play at Summer Camp

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Published on July 10, 2014

Author: maria86simmons



Choose a Sport: Everybody Gets a Chance to Play at Summer Camp: Choose a Sport: Everybody Gets a Chance to Play at Summer Camp PowerPoint Presentation: Glorious games are the big, wildly fun highlight of summer day camp, and the best part is that everybody gets to play. From relay races to water balloon battles and traditional sports like basketball, everybody participates at summer day camp for kids. There's no reason to sit around indoors with a video game controller in hand when a fun-filled world of games, crafts and field trips is waiting, maybe just around the corner. PowerPoint Presentation: Summer is a time to let loose and enjoy the great outdoors, and sporting activities are perfect for getting kids accustomed to healthy exercise, lots of fresh air and some new athletic skills. Along the way, they'll be building happy memories with old friends and new ones. Kids find that being on a team, even for the day, with campers they don't know can foster great opportunities for making new friends. PowerPoint Presentation: No one expects you to be anyone except who you are at camp, and it's great to be free of the social hierarchy of school. Kids who may have been afraid to try a new sport or activity will do so more willingly at camp because there's no pressure. PowerPoint Presentation: Camp counselors are experts at being sure everybody gets a fair chance to play and that nobody is ignored, teased or "not chosen". Summer camp is a place to get a fresh start, and for the kid who's always picked last in gym class, this is a chance to get into the game and maybe along the way find he's really not too bad at running relays, whacking balls or sliding into base. PowerPoint Presentation: Counselors know how to help youngsters get along, encouraging positive behavior and stepping in to prevent teasing and bullying. Summer camp is a place to try new things, make new friends and have loads of good, old-fashioned fun. Sportsmanship is big at summer camp, and counselors are well-trained in promoting fair play and gracious athletic behavior. It's just as important to be a good" winner" as a good " loser", and kids can carry these lessons with them for a lifetime. PowerPoint Presentation: And it's not just the less athletic campers who get a chance to learn some valuable sports-related lessons at camp. Youngsters who are used to only playing with kids at their level of skill learn how to function as a team with kids of all abilities, providing valuable lessons in the age-old saying "there's no "I" in TEAM". They learn to be helpful and supportive and maybe even a little empathetic, how to cheer on a fellow camper for making that amazing basket or the game-saving hit. PowerPoint Presentation: There's a never-ending variety of athletic activities at day camp, with daily schedules are usually set up by age group. Traditional sports run the whole gamut from tennis lessons to high-spirited softball games and fast-paced basketball shoot-outs. Kids can learn a new sport, pick some pointers on a favorite or just get out there and work up a healthy sweat. Campers especially love games they associate just with camp; big, boisterous all-inclusive activities like ga-ga ball often come to be one of the high points of the day. PowerPoint Presentation: Of course, since it's summer, any sport in the water is wildly popular, from swimming classes to contests and games. Depending on the camp, kids will be diving for pennies, having water balloon battles in canoes or enjoying mini-regattas out on the lake. And along the way, they'll be learning new skills, making memories and having a summertime blast. Resources: PowerPoint Presentation: Thank you for reading!

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