Chrissy's memorial service - revised - AGAIN

Information about Chrissy's memorial service - revised - AGAIN

Published on March 11, 2014

Author: lydiarunkle



Christine Britney Boone: Christine Britney Boone PowerPoint Presentation: Beautiful baby girl … born April 8, 1990 PowerPoint Presentation: Chrissy and David, Jr. halloween 1992 PowerPoint Presentation: t oddler years PowerPoint Presentation: Look who’s 3, Daddy!! PowerPoint Presentation: Loved her dolls PowerPoint Presentation: Chrissy, Cody and David PowerPoint Presentation: Chrissy and her mom, Charlane PowerPoint Presentation: So cute!! PowerPoint Presentation: Little David cut her hair, so she could have fun like boys - LOL PowerPoint Presentation: Elementary school years PowerPoint Presentation: Knollwood Groves: Chrissy, Lucas, Marissa and the alligator 2001 PowerPoint Presentation: Radio Disney event: Chrissy, Lucas and Marissa 2001 PowerPoint Presentation: f un at Yesteryear Village PowerPoint Presentation: 8 th grade dance: Amanda and Chrissy 2006 PowerPoint Presentation: Chrissy, David and Cody PowerPoint Presentation: Christmas with Lucas & Marissa 2007 / 2008 PowerPoint Presentation: Chrissy, Amanda and friends … … goofing off … PowerPoint Presentation: Chrissy and Amanda … BFF’s … hanging out on a boat PowerPoint Presentation: Angel and Chrissy … p reggo with Elijah Jan. 2009 So. Fla. Fair PowerPoint Presentation: So. Fla. Fair 2009: Angel, Chrissy, Lucas, Marissa, and pre-Elijah (T- 3 months) PowerPoint Presentation: … she could go on … LOL the only ride … PowerPoint Presentation: Love at first sight Elijah’s here!! April 10, 2009 PowerPoint Presentation:  Visiting Elijah, our (big) little preemie, in the NICU PowerPoint Presentation: “my favorite baby picture of Elijah” “go dolphins!” PowerPoint Presentation:  “He’s so cute! Happy or sad!!” PowerPoint Presentation:  “I’m in love with these pics!!” PowerPoint Presentation: “uncle day-day!” PowerPoint Presentation: “luvs bagels - LOL” “no fear!” PowerPoint Presentation: “2 of my favorite guys” PowerPoint Presentation: Mrs. Christine Cabrejos “don’t we all look so nice?!” Silver Springs, Maryland PowerPoint Presentation: “ brrrrr … we’re not in F lorida anymore!” PowerPoint Presentation: “Just the 2 of us – I luv our lil tree – it’s almost as big as he is!” PowerPoint Presentation: “Yay! De’Enzo is here!!” April 30, 2013 PowerPoint Presentation: “I love him - he gets cuter every second to me =)” May 1, 2013 PowerPoint Presentation: “team no-sleep – lol” May 19, 2013 PowerPoint Presentation: “Elijah singing to his baby brother” May 2013 PowerPoint Presentation: “I’m so in love - Eli loves him, wants to hold him always ” May 23, 2013 PowerPoint Presentation: “ De’Enzo – 1 month old today!” May 30, 2013 PowerPoint Presentation: “OMG he looks just like me – I’m in for trouble – LOL” PowerPoint Presentation: “isn’t he handsome… s uch a happy baby!” PowerPoint Presentation: “my little boyz – I love them so much” PowerPoint Presentation: “they are my world”

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