Cigar Humidifiers For Cigar Management

Information about Cigar Humidifiers For Cigar Management

Published on August 7, 2014

Author: Havanacontrol



Cigar Humidifiers : Cigar Humidifiers For Controlling The Humidity Inside Your Cigar PowerPoint Presentation: Cigar humidors are basically storage units for preserving cigars. Cigar humidor is designed in such a way that they will hold, preserve and display a collection of high quality cigars. A cigar humidor is the vital component to long lasting, better cigars as well as a pleasing appearance to show off a collection. This cigar storage unit is available at various prices and they are available in the form of a small wooden box. A cigar humidor needs a reliable climate control system for keeping the cigars fresh and preserving both the look and taste of the cigars. PowerPoint Presentation: Cigars PowerPoint Presentation: Features Of A Genuine Cigar Humidor Humidifier System Air filtration optimization Mold and spore mitigation Advanced humidification control Automated air circulation Bead basin management and control Water basin management and control Temperature sensor drift and proactive detection of humidification PowerPoint Presentation: Cigar Humidor PowerPoint Presentation: Classifications Room humidors: Large scale cigar manufactures as well shops that sell cigars use room humidors. option. Cabinet humidors: This is suited for a beginner collector. Cabinets can hold up to more than thousand cigars at a time . Private or personal humidors: These humidors are that ideal for anyone PowerPoint Presentation: Cigar humidifiers are considered to be magic devices for controlling humidity. Most of the cigar humidors are possessed with a Hygrometer for measuring the humidity level. Havana Controls introduced new standard in cigar management.

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