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Published on June 14, 2016

Author: SarahBrown180



1. Mirko De Dominicis, Telecommunication and Security Manager, Penny Market, ItalyWith more flexible working environments and a more distributed workforce, the adoption of collaboration technology is on the rise. Here’s 5 ways that video conferencing could be helping your business today, or that of your customers. “Connected culture is an important element of my dream job.” 88% of millennials agree with this Facing the Millennial Wave,” Cushman & Wakefield, How Cisco Collaboration solutions are making the world smaller. How Cisco Collaboration solutions are making the world smaller. “ ” It enables us to act quicker, get to know people better, as if they were actually on the other side of the desk, and we can transmit business documents faster ... This new work tool has allowed us to open a little window on to the world. Mirko De Dominicis, Telecommunication and Security Manager, Penny Market, Italy 1. Connecting Offices More and more people are working remotely. In a recent Cisco survey 40% of staff said their managers worked in a different office to them. But decision-making can’t wait and business can’t suffer due to the fact we’re working differently. Video conferencing helps us connect to our colleagues and customers in real time. As with a face-to- face meeting, you can share materials and reports and get immediate feedback. 2. It creates environments for good connections We’ve all been there desperately trying to understand the crackly voice at the end of the phone on an important call. Or watching Skype freeze people’s faces in the most unflattering poses. High quality video connections help you stay better connected – literally. It enables clear communication and helps you get things done faster, and better. The Economist Intelligence unit identified the critical value of in-person communication in their survey of 862 business leaders globally. So in fact, getting your team and your customers onboard, and communicating more effectively with them can improve your relationships, help solve problems faster, speed innovation and help you grow your business.

2. Getting to market 10 per cent faster is a huge advantage over our competitors. Andreas Schitter, Chief Finance Office, Bauer. “ ” 3. It gets you to more places in a day Commuting isn’t quite dead yet, but video conferencing facilitates global conversations with ease. Communicating with the US, China and Asia Pacific is all possible at the click of a button on a single day. There’s not only a huge time saving, there’s a literal cost saving, too. The teams at Bauer, a company that builds irrigation and wastewater machinery often had to work closely together although they were based in Germany and Austria, respectively. Face-to-face meetings involved hours of travelling for the individuals and the business, especially if there were several people in the meeting. Travel costs were high and it was sometimes slow making progress and reaching decisions as weeks would tick by before the team could meet up again. Bauer wanted to improve teamwork and enhance the productivity of team members. They wanted to save time, work in a more agile way and make faster decisions. By installing a cloud-based collaboration system from Cisco to facilitate video meetings, and putting video endpoints in five sites across the business, they could easily and clearly communicate with several team members at once. Not only was there a massive time saving, Bauer reduced their travel costs by 50%. They also increased the productivity of the team by 30%. Perhaps even more importantly, due to a slicker and more efficient way of working, Bauer managed to cut their time to market by 10%, giving them a strong competitive advantage. 4. It reduces language barriers The importance of communication is central to the success of the busy executive: you want to maximise your time being effective and minimize time wasted. So how can video conferencing help you be more effective? Did you know that as much as 65% of communication is non-verbal? So imagine how much you’re missing out on by speaking to people on the phone. And how much more is lost in mis-translation of emails! Video conferencing can help you communicate more effectively with colleagues and customers that you can’t so easily get to see face-to-face because they’re in another office, or even another time zone. By making your meeting video conferences rather than tele-conferences, it’s easier to see how other people are feeling when they’re speaking, and adjust your style accordingly. Video conferencing can be used as an enabler for colleagues that are working remotely or who are out of the office – it’s also useful for you if you have to travel with your job. Cisco solutions are also accessible from a whole range of devices, allowing you to extend your secure enterprise network out to employees. How Cisco Collaboration solutions are making the world smaller. In a global survey, 94% of young executives said they felt video conferencing would help break down language barriers between employees, customers and suppliers. “Video Usage & Young Executives: A Survey of Tomorrow’s Leaders,” Cisco, 2 Aug. 2013.

3. Find out how Cisco collaboration technology can help you become more efficient and save time and cost. Contact one of our team today to find out more, or fill in our online form and we will get straight back to you! [email protected] @IT_Advisor_TD IT Solutions Advisor 5. It creates a closer teams All our businesses stand and fall on the effectiveness and cohesiveness of our teams. Remote team members feel more connected to their team and processes when using video conferencing. So even though your team members or customers might be spread across offices or different countries, they can still feel part of a connected, effective and tight-knit group. From a customer or supplier viewpoint too, online video collaboration makes sharing information and interacting in real time possible, allowing you to get things done faster. In a survey of 862 global business leaders conducted by The Economist Intelligence unit, findings included these facts: It’s clear that video conferencing has many benefits for businesses. Some demonstrable benefits that are easily measured, such as time and cost savings. Some are softer and more difficult to track, but perhaps equally important - the feelings of connectedness in your teams, stronger relationships and better rapport. of executives strongly agreed that video promotes more productive professional relationships strongly agreed that video saves time thought that video saves money. 53% 45% 35%

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