classification of services

Information about classification of services

Published on March 26, 2009

Author: ravi.garg13



Slide 1: Presented BY Ravi Garg Classification of Services Slide 2: “Any activity or benefit that one party can offer to another that is essentially intangible & does not result in the ownership of anything. It’s production may or may not be tied up to a physical product.” Services Slide 3: Services Vs Goods Slide 4: Characteristics of Services Slide 5: Classification of Services It is required to design & apply marketing techniques to completely satisfy the customer & increase profits & identify new emerging services. Classifications can be done on following basis: Classification by Industry Classification by Target Effect Skill level of service provider (Professional/ Nonprofessional) Labor intensiveness (People-based/Equipment-based) Degree of customer contact (High / Low) Goal of the service provider (Profit /Nonprofit) Slide 6: Classification By Industry Entertainment industry Education Telecommunications Finance & Insurance Transportation Public utilities Government services Health Hospitability Industry Business services Telecommunications Trading Slide 7: Classification By Target Effect Based on Degree Of Customer Involvement: ( Lovelock) People Processing: Services aimed at physical care e.g. Healthcare, clinics, restaurant, hospitals, hair stylists, fitness centers Mental Stimulus Processing: Services aimed at mind of customer e.g. Education, information, entertainment, consulting, psychotherapy Possession Processing: Services aimed at physical possession & tangible assets e.g. repair & maintenance, laundry, repair services, landscaping, house cleaning services Information Processing : Services for intangible assets e.g. Banking, legal consultation, brokerage, financial services. Slide 8: Skill level of service provider Teacher Doctor Engineer Accountant Slide 9: Labor intensiveness Mechanic Electrician Labor Plumber Artisan Slide 10: Degree of customer contact High Degree (Every day) – TV channels, mobile etc. Moderate Degree (Regular) – Teacher, Barber, washer man etc. Low Degree ( Occasional ) – Priest, Doctors etc.

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