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Published on July 29, 2014

Author: SToliver2



Ms. Toliver’s : Ms. Toliver’s Economics Getting to know you…: Getting to know you… On the front of the blank check: Last name, First name Homeroom Teacher Home Phone Student Number On the back of the blank check: Answer the question from the “Bullying Stick” Who is Ms. Toliver...: Who is Ms. Toliver... Class Room Procedures and Rules: Class Room Procedures and Rules "Classroom policies and procedures must be followed in order to maintain and respect a positive classroom environment.” Daily Classroom Expectations: Daily Classroom Expectations Before Class Please arrive on time Report to your proper seat Monday/Tuesday please copy the outline for the week Begin working on the Bellringer During Class Listen and pay close attention Stay on the desired task Please take notes during instructional time Everyone must participate with a 100% positive attitude Other Classroom Procedures : Other Classroom Procedures Tardy/Absentee Policies Heading your papers Classroom Discussion What if you are tardy/absent...: What if you are tardy/absent... Tardiness is unacceptable If you are tardy please report to the attendance office Excused absencies must retrieve the missed work from the absent folder Unexcused absencies will not receive full credit for make-up work Heading Your Paper: Heading Your Paper Please be sure to properly head your papers. Each student will be given a number Name Doe, Jane Date April 15,2014 Period 3rd Number 6 *Place in the top right hand corner work will not be accepted without the correct heading Classroom Discussion : Classroom Discussion Expected 100% positive interaction Unexpected Side Chatter Irrelevant remarks Movement Classroom Policies: Classroom Policies B e respectful to teachers, staff, guest, and fellow classmates B e prepared Be on time Be responsible for yourself, your education, and your actions Give 100% in everything you do to enhance your education Disciplinary Procedures : Disciplinary Procedures 1st Offense- Verbal Warning 2nd Offense- Student/teacher conference w/doc 3rd Offense- Parent phone call & detention 4th Offense- Write-up “according to the severity of the offense, procedures may be altered” Grading Scale: Grading Scale & Portfolio Grading Scale: Grading Scale Test- 25% Quizzes-15% Papers/Presentations-20% Class Participation- 10% Homework- 15% Portfolio-15% Portfolio: Portfolio What will you need: Binder Tabs/dividers College Ruled Paper Sheet Protectors What will it contain Bellwork Notes Homework Graded Papers “Extra Credit” Before Departing…: Before Departing… Make sure the room is clear of all unwanted debris Check your portfolio for any missing assignments The bell does not dismiss you, the teacher does

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