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Published on April 4, 2009

Author: 07mc119



CLOUD COMPUTING : CLOUD COMPUTING “When it’s smarter to rent than to buy” Presented by ZEESHAN HASHMI NAGHMA(ECE) VIVEK KUMAR CHAUBEY(CS) (4th sem) BMIT. 1 1 WHAT IS CLOUD? : WHAT IS CLOUD? Cloud is a metaphor for the internet , based on how it is depicted in computer network , diagrams and is an abstraction for complex infrastructure it conceals. THE CLOUD, A HUMOROUS ILLUSTRATION OF THE ABFUSCATION THAT CLOUD COMPUTING MAY CREATES IS USER INTERACTION. WHAT IS CLOUD COMPUTING? : WHAT IS CLOUD COMPUTING? Slide 4: COMPONENTS Slide 7: . EXAMPLES :- APPLICATION FACEBOOK, SALESFORCE CLIENT IPHONE INFRASTRUCTURE EC2, SUNGRID PLATFORMS MICROSOFTAZURE STORAGE SIMPLEDB STANDARD AJAX, HTML5 STANDARDS :- Cloud standards a no. of existing typically light weight, Open standards, have facilitated the growth of cloud computing including. APPLICATION- communication(HTTP, HTTPS) security(SSL/TLS) CLIENT-Browsers(AJAX SUPPORT) OFFLINE(HTML5) SECERVICE- Data(XML) STORAGE, Interface platform . CONCLUSION:- : CONCLUSION:- Powerful new abstractions for large-scale data processing systems – Scalable, reliable, available – Support rapid development Large managed server pools available – Low overhead – Eliminate management headaches – Grow and shrink according to need THANK YOU

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