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Published on July 22, 2014

Author: kristym613



PowerPoint Presentation: CRM 2.0 for healthcare organizations PowerPoint Presentation: Introduction: Current use of CRM at hospitals & the growing interests in social media. Objective: To evaluate whether the adoption of CRM 2.0 is beneficial to healthcare organizations based on customer satisfaction, technology and ethics. Methodology: Industry articles & Journals, CRM vendors promotional materials and business cases. Major findings: A CRM 2.0 model in healthcare proposed Salesforce’s CRM solution for Blue Sheild of California in US Technology failure could happen without proper planning Conclusions: Significant benefits for customers (both internal & external) engagement with various challenges Executive Summary PowerPoint Presentation: What is Customer Relationship Management (CRM)? Introduction “Customer relationship management (CRM) is a system for managing a company’s interactions with current and future customers. “   PowerPoint Presentation: Introduction Standardisation and automation of processes Enhance records management, maximise productivity and lower down expenses CRM at healthcare organizations PowerPoint Presentation: Recent development of Web 2.0: Facebook, Twitter, Blogs etc Introduction PowerPoint Presentation: Objective PowerPoint Presentation: Methodology Medical/IT journals & articles Promotional materials of selected CRM vendors Business cases PowerPoint Presentation: Traditional CRM vs CRM 2.0 Type CRM 1.0 CRM 2.0 Roles & Relationship Healthcare providers and patients Healthcare providers, patients, public & social networks Channels Well-defined /O ne way communication Dynamic & evolving/Two ways communication Technology Mostly based on Web 1.0 and provider generates contents Based on Web 2.0, provider & patients are able to generate contents Function Process-Centric Conversation-Centric PowerPoint Presentation: “Using social networks to stay healthy” Salesforce products – Service Cloud Blue Shield of California PowerPoint Presentation: Technology Cigna Corporation Lose Members S pent $1bn on implementing the CRM systems . The result of the problems they experienced was that membership fell by nearly 1 million due to poor customer service, and the company made a loss of $398m. What went wrong?   Misconceptions : misconceptions about scope, scale and cost. IT systems & Data migration PowerPoint Presentation: Conclusions More customer interactions and multi channel for feedbacks More engaged employees/Change of organizational culture Clear CRM strategy is needed with well defined social media policy

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