Cod5 wii clans [CoC]

Information about Cod5 wii clans [CoC]

Published on December 12, 2009

Author: bwoolems



[CoC] : [CoC] Choke on Chode Clan! [CoC] : [CoC] We are an independent clan made for the sole purpose of gaming, having fun, and kickin some ASS!!! We are not anything official… We just want YOU to have some brothers in arms! [CoC] : [CoC] We are starting with 3 members as of DECEMBER 12, 2009 Me, Ben creator… Derek, my buddy, co-creator, and our little newb skank, Matt (he still sucks) [CoC] : [CoC] Our friend codes… Me: 193488807831 Derek: 468366760432 Matt: 150553741091 Add us three for sure and if you see an FC down in the comments with a response from ME, jrf3ben, add that FC too. [CoC] : [CoC] We will take pretty much any members, once again we just want brothers in arms…. But really if u suck I wont kick you out I just wont play with you [CoC] : [CoC] We love playing with hackers… lol We arent hackers although we are glitchers we are big on elevator lifts and satchel jumps so watch some tutorials on that stuff or we can roughly teach you in a private match. [CoC] : [CoC] Add the three members seen previously and then post your FC in the comments below If you get a follow up comment from me, jrf3ben, then you are IN! Remember we are strictly for fun and having brothers in arms! [CoC] : [CoC]

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