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Published on July 21, 2014

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Cognos 10 Presented By Quontra Solutions IT Courses Online training Email : [email protected] Call Us : (404)-900-9988 Web: Cognos 10 Presented By Quontra Solutions IT Courses Online training Email : [email protected] Call Us : (404)-900-9988 Web: Cognos BI Features: Open access to all data sources. Business Intelligence for all. Common Integrated security model. Cognos BI Features Cognos BI Features: Cognos BI Features Easily view, assemble and personalized information. Explore all types of information's. Analyze facts and anticipate tactical and strategic implications. IBM Cognos BI User Interfaces Cognos platform SOA: The IBM Cognos Platform is built on a web-based service-oriented-architecture (SOA) that is designed for scalability, availability, and openness. This n-tiered architecture is made up of three server tiers: The web tier The application tier The data tier Cognos platform SOA Architecture: Architecture Framework Manager: Framework Manager Cognos Framework Manager welcome panel: Cognos Framework Manager welcome panel FM Security: FM Security 3 types 1.Object level security 2.Row level security 3.Package level security Cognos BI Web based server: Cognos BI Web based server PowerPoint Presentation: 1. Statistics Blank Interactive report: Blank Interactive report PowerPoint Presentation: Add Query items in both list templates. Click on blank after the first list. PowerPoint Presentation: Manage External Data New Features: New Features Cognos 10 Dynamic Query Mode 1. Query Optimization 2. Performance Improvement 3. Security-Aware Caching 4. New Data Interfaces 5. Ease of Maintenance Architecture of Compatible Query Mode : Architecture of Compatible Query Mode The Dynamic Query Mode Architecture : The Dynamic Query Mode Architecture Set Security in Framework Manager: When you apply security in Framework Manager, you control access for selected users, groups, and roles. Grant or deny access for: packages data objects Set Security in Framework Manager Permissions: When you specify permissions for objects, you allow or deny the following permissions: Read Write Execute Set Policy Traverse Permissions Specify Data Security: Specify Data Security To specify data security: create a security filter to restrict the data returned by a query subject (for example, Retailer.Region =‘Italy’) add the groups and roles to which the security filter will be applied (for example, the Italy group) This affects: authors when they create a report users when they run a report Specify Object Security: Allow or deny access to objects such as: namespaces folders query subjects query items filters Specify Object Security Examine Object Security Rules: With no object security applied, all objects are accessible. After applying object security, only those objects to which access has been granted will be accessible by the selected users, groups, or roles. Child objects inherit the security of parent objects. Deny overrides Allow. Examine Object Security Rules Thank you: Thank you

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