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Published on July 24, 2014

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Welcome to Collar Search : Welcome to Collar Search About Us:-: About Us:- Collar Search is a leading recruitment solution company.We provide a wide range of ideas which would help organisation in promoting their workforce and take on any kind of business challenge. Our team will give their best to help you and complete your work in time and at a cheap price. Services We Provide :-: Services We Provide :- Offshore Recruitment Team RPO HRMS Technology Offshore IT Staffing HR Outsourcing. Offshore Recruitment Team: Offshore Recruitment Team At Collar Search, we recognize this key potential and this is why have engaged a completely dedicated offshore recruitment team that can take care of your specific requirements. The team at Collar Search offers some of the best recruitment services and solutions backed up by an exhaustive global talent search database that covers a wide spectrum of domains and other key functions. Having tied up with several recruitment consultants, we aim to deliver a wide range of choices so as to be able to meet your specific necessities or requirements. RPO: RPO Collar Search is a recruitment solutions company based in Delhi, India. If you are looking for RPO solutions, we could be your ultimate choice for it. We deal in all kinds of recruitment related processes including recruitment process outsourcing. At Collar Search, we provide excellent recruitment process outsourcing services. Our extreme expertise and dedication have made us one of the leading RPO companies in India within just a few initial years. We provide efficient services amid day by day changing scenario of the economic world. We keep on concentrating to make our services more and more result-oriented. We are having state of the art resources and the best professionals in the industry to take care of the recruitment process beginning through end. We provide our services to all types of industry and anywhere. Our services can be obtained from any part of the world. HRMS Technology: HRMS Technology The best thing about technology is that it is universal. It is the technology which can help people in primary areas of recruitment. Today, we work on HRMS technology to be able to gain a competitive edge and help you hire intellectual individuals who would fulfill the requirements of your projects and business goals. Through this HRMS technology are we able to create robust processes, extract accurate information about candidates and suggest potential talented people who can make a difference to your organization. Right from the recruitment stage to retaining an individual, the HRMS technology that we work on offers a wide array of solutions in minimal time and that too with no hassles. As a result, you get accurate information that you can trust and follow whenever the needs arise. Offshore IT Staffing: Offshore IT Staffing Apart from Offshore Recruitment, RPO, HRMS Technology we also provide Offshore IT Staffing solutions. If you are facing a huge problem during recruitment throughout the world then leave that task on us. We will work hard to get you desired manpower, we already have set processes and work on specific IT tools that can helps you find the right candidate. HR Outsourcing: HR Outsourcing Even after your company is successfully settled the human resource is more daunting a task than it actually sounds. At Collar Search, we provide the exact outsourcing HR service for your business with quintessential administrative methods that ensures a smooth day-to-day progression of your company's management. Contact Us:-: Contact Us:- Office : 57-A Central Avenue, Sainik Farm, New Delhi-110062 Direct: 732-374-3515, Mob: +91-99905-65981(India) Skype: collarsearch Website :- Collar Search

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