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Published on July 8, 2014

Author: prawinsankar3



College Management System Project Documentation : College Management System Project Documentation Introduction: Introduction In the modern world of technology, computers are affecting our lives in more ways than we probably are aware of. COMPUTERISED MANAGEMENT, maintaining information of an educational institutes, Colleges, other the list is endless. This project specified all working that taken by a College Manager … If manager want necessary information he checks the information about a student, staff, worker etc. It is difficult to prepare the manual work to store the information about the all students, teachers as well as about workers. So this project helps to store those type of information using computerized system.   Some modules of college management. student info. & student details Staff info. & Staff details worker info & worker details Tools Used To Develop The PROJECT : Tools Used To Develop The PROJECT Hardware:   AMD Sempron . Random Access Memory of 2 GB. Memory Disk Space 50 MB. Software is as follows: - DATABASE VISUAL BASIC MS WORD WINDOWS XP EXISTING SYSTEM: EXISTING SYSTEM Whenever we implement new system it is developed to remove the shortcomings of an existing system. The computerized has more Edge over the manual system. As we are doing a project on “COLLEGE MANAGEMENT”. So firstly we will introduce the existing system, the existing system is based on manual system, which takes lot of time to get performance of the test. It has the following disadvantages: PROPOSED SYSTEM : PROPOSED SYSTEM We have developed new system, which is based on computer in which the student used to give test on the computer by simply clicking the answers. It is most reliable & time saving system while conducting some entrances test. DATA FLOW DIAGRAM  : DATA FLOW DIAGRAM   LOGIN FORM : LOGIN FORM NEW ENTRY FORM OF STUDENT : NEW ENTRY FORM OF STUDENT NEW ENTRY FORM OF TEACHERS: NEW ENTRY FORM OF TEACHERS NEW ENTRY FORM OF WORKERS : NEW ENTRY FORM OF WORKERS STUDENT FORM : STUDENT FORM TEACHER FORM : TEACHER FORM PowerPoint Presentation: For full project report and source code visit

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