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Published on August 5, 2014

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Come to Palace of Dreams for the Best Rug Cleaning in Alaska! : Come to Palace of Dreams for the Best Rug Cleaning in Alaska ! Place of rugs which was started by Seya and Chereyl, a husband and wife team was opened in Anchorage in 1999. Since that time, this organization has been one of the premier rug cleaning destination for both sales and service and has been serving the customers for more than a decade, where quality service and customer satisfaction is their main priority. The exclusive team gives Palace of Rugs the commitment it requires to run the service and provide quality in it. Their mission is to carry only handmade rugs which range from antique to modern in a wide variety of sizes, shapes and colours. You can also have custom made rugs from them, according to your needs and specifications. Palace of rugs services have been considered as one of the best of its kind quality service because of the reason that they had been satisfying the customers for a long time and the customers also have faith in them that they will provide that kind of service. The services claimed by the industry include cleaning, repair, insurance claim and appraisals. Among these, the hand washing approach has been the most effective approach and through cleaning is available. Our attention to detail is very specific and each rug is handled separately. Each one is handled with special care according to its needs like stains, damage, colour-run, etc. We even post our professional recommendation to the customers. You can see that service such as rug cleaning in Alaska is also done there. For decades, we have seen that the industry has been serving the customers and repairing their rugs for a very long time. The attention to detail can be seen here in a large number of instances. Contact Us At (907) 276-0002 [email protected]

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