Common dental problems according to a Best Dentist in Delhi

Information about Common dental problems according to a Best Dentist in Delhi

Published on November 16, 2018

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slide 1: Common dental problems according to a Best Dentist in Delhi Dental problems are the kind of threat to our overall health but this can be prevent easily by following dentist’s instruction and routine dental check up. Only a best dentist in Delhi can advice you how to protect from dental problems. You have to take some initiatives like eating healthy food brushing twice a day proper flossing tongue cleaning and regular dental checkups. You also need to educate yourself about common dental problems and their solutions. Top 6 Common Dental Problems by a Best Dentist in Delhi: slide 2: 1. Tooth Decay: Tooth decay is one of the most common problems in the youngsters. It is also known as cavity. It produces when plaques combines with the sugar or starch of the food we eat. This produces an acid that attack tooth enamel. It is not for the kids only but also it can face by any age people. 2. Oral Caner: Oral cancer is a serious and deadly disease of today. It has affected millions of people in the world and also spreading day by day. If you are using tobacco and alcohol then it can be very dangerous for you because these are the main cause of oral cancer. It specially occurs in the people age above 40. Main symptoms of mouth or throat cancer are sores lumps and rough areas in the mouth. Visiting a best dentist in Delhi regular can detect the oral cancer easily. 3. Tooth Erosion: Loosing tooth structure is known as tooth erosion. It is cause by acid attacking on the tooth enamel. It cause the sensitivity problem in our tooth but it can be prevent easily if we prefer a best dental clinic in Delhi. 4. Bad Breathing: Bad breathing is a very common problem in the people. I can lose your confidence and embarrass you in front of your friends colleagues and relative. slide 3: 5. Gum Disease: Gum infection swollen and bleeding are the common gum disease. It can be a cause of tooth loose in adults and kids. 6. Tooth pain: Tooth pain and tooth emergencies can be easily avoided by the regular dental check up. So guys above are some common dental problems which you can face in your life. To avoid these problems visit a dentist regularly. Original Source

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