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Published on July 10, 2014

Author: pwlewis



PowerPoint Presentation: Computing For Biology An online course for A-level students Runs 18 th to 29 th August 2014 TCGATTCCAGAACTAGGCATTATAGATAGATTCAGATAGGACATAGATCGATTCAGATAGGATATAATCGATAGATTAGATTAGATTAAGATTCCAGATAGGATATAGATAG 11011111010101001101011011110101010011010110101001101011011111110101010011010110111101010100110101101101010100110101101 PowerPoint Presentation: Computers play a vital role in much modern biological research.   Experimental advances mean scientists often collect huge amounts of data that needs to be examined and analysed; faster processors mean it is possible to simulate ever more complex biological processes.   This course provides an introduction to programming so that biology students can boost their skills and get a head start in their academic and research careers. Motivation PowerPoint Presentation: The course will introduce students to computer programing using examples from biology.   We start with basic steps in computer programming leading to the use of software tools and libraries to perform advanced tasks.   Support will be provided in interactive Q&A sessions and through forums staffed by course tutors.   Programme PowerPoint Presentation: 1 - Mathematics in Nature   Patterns can be seen throughout the natural world.   What maths lie behind these patterns and can we explain how they come about?   PowerPoint Presentation: 2 - Bioinformatics   As sequencing DNA becomes faster and cheaper we may soon all have access to our own genetic code.   How can we deal with this data and determine its implications? PowerPoint Presentation: 3 – The Web of Life Interactions in nature form complex networks such as food webs, or the system of chemical reactions taking place in every organism.   How can biologists use computers to help study these systems? PowerPoint Presentation:   4 - SimLife   In the near future colonies of digital organisms might live out their lives within computer processors. How can we create simulations which give us insights into the natural world. PowerPoint Presentation: 5 – Complexity and chaos   Scientists often find that the way biological systems behave can be difficult or impossible to predict by intuition.   How can sets of simple rules lead to complex behaviour?   PowerPoint Presentation: Course Details   No previous computer programming experience is required. Each of the five sessions includes background reading and programming activities. They should take 2-3 hours to complete although extension tasks are available. Online support will be available during the period 18 th – 29 th August. You are free to work on the sessions at a pace that suits you over this period. PowerPoint Presentation: Software Details   The Python language will be used in programming activities. All required software will be made available for download and installed by students from the start of August. Online support on how to install the software will be availble. Students will need access to a PC (running Windows /Mac OS / Linux) on which they can install this software. PowerPoint Presentation: Sign up and find further information at: Questions? email: [email protected]

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