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Information about Competitor Price Tracking Software - (800-574-0130)

Published on July 28, 2014

Author: pricemanager



PowerPoint Presentation: A revolutionary way to track your competitors' pricing Welcome to PriceManager PowerPoint Presentation: PriceManager is the most intuitive software available for Pricing and Margin Optimization. PowerPoint Presentation: PriceManager’s powerful, web-based reporting and analytics tool Retailers Manufacturers Whether tracking and enforcing Minimum Advertised Pricing Policies Partners Need to partner with us? Use the data we gather to help your clients or to fuel your own systems PowerPoint Presentation: By using PriceManager, our clients gain insight into their competitors‘ pricing strategies, giving them an advantage in the marketplace. PowerPoint Presentation: We offer you the most efficient way to maximize profits and increase sales and market share. PowerPoint Presentation: Contact Us: 300 Frank W Burr Blvd, Suite 40,Teaneck, NJ 07666Toll Free: 800.574.0130

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