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Published on August 5, 2014

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Components of hydropower plants: Components of hydropower plants By Pramod introduction: introduction What is an hydropower plant ? What is hydroelectric power ? DAMS: DAMS components: components Storage: Storage Types of dams : Types of dams Types of valves PowerPoint Presentation: gates gates waterways: waterways The waterway is a passage through which water is carried from the storage reservoir to the power house. It may consists a tunnel, channel or penstock. penstocks: penstocks Penstocks are the pipes of large diameter, used as waterways for conveying water from the reservoir to the plant house. it is made of steel or reinforced concrete. Different types of penstocks forebay: forebay A forebay is an enlarged body of water provided just in front of the penstocks. When water carried through a channel, the forebay may be developed by the enlarging the channel just upstream of the intake for the penstocks leading water to the turbines in the power house. If the power house is located close to the dam then since the penstocks directly take water from the reservoir, the reservoir itself will act as forebay. The forebay is also provided with a spilling arrangement in order to store the water only up to certain maximum level. I n t ak e s t ruc t ur e: I n t ak e s t ruc t ur e The water from the reservoir or forebay is let into the penstocks through intake structure . The main components of intake structure : Trash Racks Gates Surge tanks: Surge tanks A surge tank is cylindrical open-topped storage reservoir which is provided to protect the penstocks against water hammer pressure. It provides protection for only that portion of penstock which lies on the upstream of it. As such the surge tank should be provide as close to the turbine as possible. Power house: Power house A power house of hydroelectric scheme houses the various hydraulic and electric equipments. Various hydraulic equipments : Turbines Gates or Gate valves Governors etc. Various hydraulic equipments : Generators Transformers Switching equipment Transmission lines and structures Auxiliary electrical equipments etc. A switch yard for the transmission of power is usually located outdoors near to the power house. Hydraulic equipments turbines We can observe almost all the components Of power plant conclusion: conclusion

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