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Published on August 2, 2014

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Conditional Sentences: Conditional Sentences Conditional Sentences: Conditional Sentences Composed by 2 parts one that expresses the condition Introduced by the word “ if ”, commonly known as “if clause”. one that expresses the consequence ( consequence clause) . Example: If you work hard, you will succeed. PowerPoint Presentation: CONDITIONAL SENTENCES Structure : If-clause + Main Clause Example : If it rains tomorrow , we will not come. If-clause Main Clause PowerPoint Presentation: Type 0 : Zero Conditional Use : Talk about universal truth. Tense : Present tense in both clauses Example : If you heat water to 100 °C, it boils . Present Tense Present Tense If you pour oil into water, it floats . CONDITIONAL SENTENCES PowerPoint Presentation: Use : Talk about a present or future probable case. Tense : If-clause ~ Present Tense Main Clause ~ Future Tense Example : If I feel sick, I will not go to school. Present Tense Future Tense If it rains tomorrow, the match will be cancelled . CONDITIONAL SENTENCES Type 1 : First Conditional PowerPoint Presentation: Exercise One If you ___________________ (not come) , you ________________ (miss) the show. do not come will miss John _________________ (buy) a car if he _____________ (get) a job. will buy gets 3. Mary ________________(get) a toothache if she _________________ (eat) too many sweets. will get eats PowerPoint Presentation: Use : Talk about a present or future improbable case. (A case that is unlikely to happen ). Tense : If-clause ~ Past Tense Main Clause ~ would + an infinitive Example : If he were a bird, he would fly across the river. Past Tense Would + infinitive If I had $200,000 now, I would buy a car. CONDITIONAL SENTENCES Type 2: Second Conditional PowerPoint Presentation: Exercise Two If I ________________ (be) four years old , I ________________ (learn) to play the piano. were would learn If I ________________ (go) to China , I _______________ (visit) the Great Wall. went would visit 3. My father _____ _______________ (help) if he ____________ (have) a big farm. would help poor people had PowerPoint Presentation: Use : Used for impossible activities which could NOT be true or performed. Tense : If-clause ~ Past Perfect Tense Main Clause ~ would + present perfect tense Example : If it had rained yesterday, I would have stayed at home . If I had had enough money, I would have bought the camera yesterday . Past Perfect would + present perfect CONDITIONAL SENTENCES Type 3: Third Conditional PowerPoint Presentation: Exercise Three If we ________________ ( buy) that house , we ________________ (play) in its big garden. had bought would have played If I _______________(see) James , I _______________ (ask) for the homework. had seen could have asked 3. David __________________ (be) happier if he ____________ (live) in a city with beaches. would have been had lived Conditional sentences: Conditional sentences Zero Conditional - If + present tense, present tense First Conditional - If + present tense, future tense Second Conditional - if + past tense, would/should + verb Third Conditional - if + past perfect, perfect conditional “Should/would + present perfect tense” is called perfect conditional . Summary: Summary Conditional sentences are composed by 2 parts one that expresses the condition one that expresses the consequence 3 main types of conditional patterns. Pattern A : Probable Condition Pattern B : Improbable Condition Pattern C : Imaginary Condition Objective Construct conditional sentences according to different situations

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