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Published on March 20, 2014

Author: conferencingforless



PowerPoint Presentation: Conferencing For Less was started in March of 2002 by two entrepreneurs with over 30 years of telecommunications experience behind them. While other companies are talking about making Audio Conference simple, Conferencing For Less actually delivers simplicity without compromising the level of service that business customers expect. Conferencing For Less is able to cut through the clutter in the communications space and offer businesses what they need: a reliable, end-to-end source for telecom services with a broad product suite backed by trustworthy, dependable customer service. Conferencing For Less offers new customers state-of-the-art conferencing made easy. Our experienced staff are on call 24/7 to help you get started and help make your conference call pleasurable. SERVICES: SERVICES The Conferencing For Less product suite has what is needed for conferences both big and small. We know that to fulfill our client's needs, we must be able to streamline provisioning, provide a high level of customer service and offer competitive pricing. These are what we do best, and that is why we experience continual growth. Reservationless Voice Conferencing We know that calls need to happen on a moments notice. With our Reservationless Voice Conferencing service, there is no more pre-scheduling calls or having to speak with an operator beforehand. With this service, you have access to your own private conference room – anytime and from anywhere. Begin a call immediately with no prior planning. To start a conference, just dial the toll or toll-free phone number that was presented to you when you signed up. Then enter your participant entry code and you will be connected to the call and join the other participants PowerPoint Presentation: BILLING INFORMATION INVOICING PER MINUTE PRICING PLANS Conferencing For Less will email you a call summary within 24 hours of your completed conference call. This will show you details of the call and all applicable charges. Your following credit card payment will be processed at the end of the day of your conference call. accepts MasterCard, Visa, Discover and American Express. PowerPoint Presentation: Contact Us: Phone : 1-888.218.5287 Website : http ://

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