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Published on April 13, 2009

Author: sangu777



Construction Equipments : Construction Equipments By, Sangamesh Kotarki 3GN04CV020 1 Introduction: : Introduction: The cost of the equipment in a project varies from 10 to 30% of the total project depending upon the extent of work. Proper planning, selection, procurement, installation, operation, maintenance plays and important role in the completion of the project. The role of construction equipments in roads, highways, large building, dams, canals etc., will play important role. 2 Categories of Construction Equipments: : Categories of Construction Equipments: Heavy Earth Moving Equipments. Compaction Equipments. Grading Equipments. Asphalt Mixing Plant. Asphalt Laying Equipments. Hauling Equipments. Concreting Equipments. 3 Types of Earth Moving Equipments: : Types of Earth Moving Equipments: Production Equipment: Equipment used for digging, moving the material to the site of construction or to the crushing plant. Service Equipment: These are for the help of main production equipment to achieve optimum capacity. For small works dozers can be used as productive equipment. Motor Grader is used as production equipment in road construction projects, while it is used as service 4 Heavy Earth Moving Equipments: : Heavy Earth Moving Equipments: Types of Earth moving Equipments a) Bull – Dozers: 5 Crawler Dozer Wheeled Dozer b) Loader : b) Loader Wheeled Loader 6 Crawler LOADER : : Crawler LOADER : c) Excavators: : c) Excavators: 8 Backhoe Loader Crewel Excavator d) Earth Conveyers : : d) Earth Conveyers : a) Sheep foot / Pad foot Roller: : a) Sheep foot / Pad foot Roller: 10 Compaction Equipments: Pad Foot Compactor Attached with Puller: : Pad Foot Compactor Attached with Puller: 11 b) Pneumatic Tyre Roller: : b) Pneumatic Tyre Roller: 12 c) Vibratory Rollers : c) Vibratory Rollers 13 Soil / Course Compactor Asphalt Compactor d) Static Road Roller: : d) Static Road Roller: d) Tampers & Vibrating Plates: : d) Tampers & Vibrating Plates: 15 Plate Compactor Vibratory Compactor Grading Equipments: : Grading Equipments: 16 Grader With Back Cultivator Grader With Front Dozer Asphalt Mixing Plants: : Asphalt Mixing Plants: 17 Asphalt Mixing Plant: : Asphalt Mixing Plant: 18 Asphalt Hot Drum Mix Plant: : Asphalt Hot Drum Mix Plant: 19 Belt Conveyer: : Belt Conveyer: Mobile Asphalt Drum Mixer: : Mobile Asphalt Drum Mixer: 21 Asphalt Laying Equipments: : Asphalt Laying Equipments: 22 Asphalt / Course Paver Working of Paver: : Working of Paver: 23 Bitumen Distributors: : Bitumen Distributors: 24 Hauling Equipments: : Hauling Equipments: 25 Dump Truck Dump Truck Articulated for Mining Concreting Equipments: : Concreting Equipments: 26 Concrete Batch Mixing Plant with Transit Mixer Concrete Batch Mixing Plant: : Concrete Batch Mixing Plant: 27 Slide 28: 28 Weigh Batcher C.C. Mixer Handling & Transporting Equipment: : Handling & Transporting Equipment: 29 Transit Mixer Slide 30: 30 Bucket Handled By Crane Lift Dumper Dumper Concrete Pump Concrete Placing Equipments: : Concrete Placing Equipments: 31 Concrete Paver Kerb Laying Machine Canal Laying Pavers: : Canal Laying Pavers: 32 Canal Laying Pavers: : Canal Laying Pavers: 33 Concrete Compaction Equipments: : Concrete Compaction Equipments: 34 Pin / Poker Vibrator Surface / Plate Vibrator Thank You : Thank You Men at Work 35

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