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Published on July 14, 2014

Author: nycdjentertainme



Cultural Awareness: Cultural Awareness Improving Communications with the I Immigrant Community PowerPoint Presentation: Preetkiran Kaur, Intern Donna Orleman, Intern Have you Ever…?: Have you Ever…? Have you Ever…: Have you Ever… … been clamming? Have you ever…: Have you ever… … taken a ride on the NICE bus? Have you ever…: Have you ever… Traveled outside to a country where English is not the primary language? The Immigrant perspective: The Immigrant perspective How do you see me? The immigrant perspective: The immigrant perspective Academic Language Benchmarks Social/personal Cultural barriers Motivation Career High/low expectations Unfamiliar with opportunities and resources Community Resources: Community Resources How can I do this? Community Resources: Community Resources Internal School & Career Counseling Center Staff IST (Instructional Support Team) Administration External Youth and Family Counseling Agency (YFCA) Cultural Centers Long Island Jobs with Justice PARENTS!!! Significance of family support: Significance of family support 24 hours/day 6 hours of school 8-10 hours of sleep 8-10 additional hours of potential influence!!! PLUS weekends!!! Thank you!: Thank you!

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