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Published on August 6, 2014

Author: voweryscreative



PowerPoint Presentation: Creative Teaching Materials PowerPoint Presentation: A gifted child is like a flower, who with the light of creative thought and the nourishment of a unique and challenging education, can bloom and grow to his/her full potential. These bright young individuals have special educational needs based on their intellectual as well as social and emotional traits. Vowery Carlile, recipient of the prestigious award of Region 17 Outstanding Teacher of the Year in Gifted Education by the Texas Association for the Gifted and Talented, has been helping to challenge and encourage the minds of gifted students for over 19 years. She shares her unique and imaginative approach to teaching with books specifically tailored to assisting in the education of the gifted children. Vowery also brings her invaluable experience to educators in workshops designed to inspire new ideas and concepts related to teaching gifted students. PowerPoint Presentation: Teaching Materials A Creative Look at Lots of Different Cinderellas: Teacher's Manual Only Over the past years, many different versions of Cinderella have been written.  A Look at Lots of Different Cinderellas presents 8 different versions of Cinderella from a variety of cultures.  Each version is accompanied by advanced-level questions and activities.  Students will end the unit by creating their own version of Cinderella.  They will put their story into a book and illustrate it.  The versions include: The Golden Sandal, The Irish Cinderelad, Cindy Ellen, The Egyptian Cinderella, Adelita, The Rough-Faced Girl, Seriously, Cinderella Is So Annoying!  The Story of Cinderella as Told by the Wicked Stepmother, and Yeh-Shen:  A Cinderella Story from China. Includes TEKS and National Standards Gifted & Talented Foundations: Volume IV, Grade 4 The Complete Teacher's Manual and Kit Gifted & Talented Foundations: Volume IV, Grade 4 , The Complete Teacher's Manual and KIt,  a includes all the literature books that are used to teach lessons in the Teacher's manual, plus    the Teacher's manual, includes stories, activities and resources for the teacher to use with students. Books Included: · Julie of the Wolves (5)  · Any Small Goodness (5)  · I Am Harriet Tubman (5)  · I Am George Washington (5)  · Joan of Arc  · Cultures and Traditions From Around the World PowerPoint Presentation: For Information please visit

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