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Published on July 26, 2014

Author: jackiesehring



Creative Thinking: Creative Thinking By: Jacquelyn Sehring How Can We Use This Item?: How Can We Use This Item? Objectives : Objectives Define Creative Thinking Explore Methods of Creative Thinking Compare Creative and Critical Thinking Consider Myths and Mental Blocks Explore DeBono’s Thinking Hats Look at Characteristics of a Creative person What is Creative Thinking?: What is Creative Thinking? A way of looking at problems or situations from a fresh perspective that suggests unorthodox solutions . Creative thinking can be stimulated both by an unstructured process such as brainstorming , and by a structured process such as lateral thinking . How to Creatively Think: How to Creatively Think Evolution Synthesis Revolution Reapplication Changing Direction Evolution: Evolution This is the concept of incremental improvements. New ideas stem from old idea, the newer ideas slightly improved from the old ones. Synthesis: Synthesis This is the concept of taking two or more existing ideas and combining them into a third, new idea. + = Revolution: Revolution This is the idea that in some situations, a completely new idea is the best one. Reapplication: Reapplication This is the idea of looking at something old in a new way. Changing Direction: Changing Direction Changing Direction is looking at the problem from a different angle. How can you keep kids out of the pool? Different Kinds of Thinking: Different Kinds of Thinking Creative Generative Divergent Possibility An Answer Right Brain Yes, and… Critical Analytic Convergent Probability The Answer Left Brain Yes, but… Mental Blocks and Myths: Mental Blocks and Myths Mental Blocks Oh No! A problem! It can’t be done I can’t do it/There’s nothing I can do I’m not creative That’s childish What will people think? Myths Every problem has one solution The best solution has already been found Creative answers are complex Ideas will either come or not DeBono’s Thinking Hats: DeBono’s Thinking Hats Characteristics of a Creative Person: Characteristics of a Creative Person Curious seeks problems enjoys challenge Optimistic able to suspend judgment comfortable with imagination sees problems as opportunities sees problems as interesting problems are emotionally acceptable challenges assumptions doesn't give up easily: perseveres, works hard Creative Thinking: Creative Thinking How are you going to use it??

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