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Published on July 7, 2014

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Cosmetic Dentistry Dr. Michael Johnson in Bellevue & Seattle : Cosmetic Dentistry Dr. Michael Johnson in Bellevue & Seattle PowerPoint Presentation: Bellevue Prosthodontics and Dental Implant Center is a full service dental practice, located in Bellevue, WA, with focus on Prosthodontics Seattle WA and Maxillofacial prosthetics. We also take on a complete oral rehabilitation for adults. Prosthodontist Seattle WA Dr. Johnson is a board certified prosthodontist, coached at the world renowned Mayo Clinic. Dr. Johnson personally provides full range of dental procedures, including complex reconstructive procedures. At our dental practice, we restore missing teeth by traditional dentures, or dental bridge or, the aesthetic and long lasting dental implants. we offer a wide range of prosthodontic treatment Dental Implants Seattle WA Crowns and Bridges Seattle WA Veneers Seattle WA Dentures Seattle WA Dental Implants Bellevue WA Crowns Bellevue WA Veneers Bellevue WA Cosmetic Dentistry Bellevue WA PowerPoint Presentation: Dental Implants Seattle WA: As a leading provider of Dental Implants in Bellevue, our center is providing solutions to a missing single tooth or multiple teeth. The Bellevue Dental implant center has implemented safe and minimally invasive implant treatments that results in less discomfort, reduced swelling and shortened healing times. Veneers Seattle WA: Porcelain Veneer is a thin layer of a material bonded to the surface of a less attractive or inferior material. They are designed as a permanent way to change or enhance the look of stained, chipped, broken, or undesired teeth. Crowns and Bridges Seattle WA A dental crown or dental cap is a custom made restoration that covers a tooth with sustained significant loss of structure. Crowns basically restore the form and function of the teeth which are decayed or weakened by root canal treatment or fractures. The difference between Crowns and Bridges is that crown strengthens the structure of a single tooth while bridge replaces one or more teeth by taking support from the adjacent teeth PowerPoint Presentation: Dentures Seattle WA Dentures are constructed by the dentist to replace the missing teeth. They are also called false teeth and get support from the surrounding hard/soft tissues of oral cavity. Seattle Dentures used earlier were removable, but now dentures are available in different designs. Dentures are of 2 types i.e. dentures replacing missing teeth on maxillary/mandibular arch. Types of Dentures: 1. Conventional complete dentures 2. Complete dentures with metal framework 3. Flexi dentures 4. Immediate dentures. The only difference in this denture is that the base of this denture is of very thin metal framework which provides better retention and comfort because of very thin metal. The metal is covered with pink acrylic in the region of gums so that it gives an absolute natural look. This Seattle Denture is specially advised to people with problem of severe gagging. PowerPoint Presentation: Contact Us: Dr. Michael W. Johnson Bellevue Prosthodontics 1370 116th Avenue NE Suite 212 Bellevue, WA 98004 Visit:

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