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Published on August 1, 2007

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Slide1:  Slide2:  Welcome Screen for Call Centre Management System Slide3:  Login Screen Slide4:  Main Screen Slide5:  Click Here to Register the New Application Slide6:  For New Connection,Check the New Connection Option and click Ok button. For Additional Load,Check the Additional Load Option, Enter the Service No. in ScNo Box and click Ok button. For Title Transfer,Check the Title Transfer Option,Enter the Service No. in ScNo Box and click Ok button. For Change of Category,Check the Change of Category Option,Enter the Service No. in ScNo Box and click Ok button. Otherwise if you want to Edit Existing Unregistered Application,Enter the CSC No. in CSC No Box and clik Show button. For Field Registered Applications,select type of Registration as Field Application Slide7:  Slide8:  First page of Application Slide9:  Fill all the Fields and click Next Button Slide10:  Second Page of Application Slide11:  Third page of Application Slide12:  Last page of Application Slide13:  Receipt Preview Slide14:  Receipt Print Out Slide15:  SOUTHERN POWER DISTRIBUTION COMPANY OF A.P.LTD. Customer Service Centre 5/2, Arundelpet, GUNTUR CSC Memo No. C21612060001 Date : 16-DEC-06 Name of the Consumer : RAMA RAO JAMPANI Section : GUNTUR-D1 Distribution : GUNTUR-D1 Load : 1 KW Cat : 1 Phase : 1 Amounts to be paid LTA : 25.00 , Dev : 1000.00 , SD : 300.00 Total Amount : 1325.00 List of Enclosures : 1.Completed and Signed Application Form along with the signed Declaration 2.Sale Deed 3.Wiring Completion Report (from a licensed electrical contractor) Please pay the Amount at ERO : GUNTURTOWN2 Authorized Signature Slide16:  After Receipt Print Out,you can view the saved Record Here Click Here to go to Main Screen Slide17:  Payment at ERO Slide18:  Welcome Screen for Computer Bill Collection System Slide19:  Login Screen Slide20:  Main Screen Slide21:  Click Here to pay Amount for the applications Registered at CSC Slide22:  Enter CSC Memo No. in CSC Memo Box Slide23:  Slide24:  Slide25:  PR Preview Slide26:  After Payment, Registration Number was generated at ERO and Meter Issues at CSC Slide27:  Click Here to Issue the Meter andamp; Release the Service Slide28:  Slide29:  From this screen we can Issue Meter and Release Service Slide30:  Slide31:  Slide32:  Click Print Button for Compliance Report Slide33:  New Service Compliance Report Slide34:  SOUTHERN POWER DISTRIBUTION COMPANY OF A.P.LTD. New Service Compliance Report CSC No. C21612060001 Regn.No. GNT21612060001 Regn.Date : 16-Dec-06 Sub Division : GUNTURTOWN2 Section : GUNTUR-D1 Distribution : GUNTUR-D1 Consumer Name : RAMA RAO JAMPANI Cat. Phase : 3 Conn.Load : 1 KW Amounts Paid : LTA : 25.00 , DEV : 1000.00 , SD : 300.00 Meter Particulars : Meter No. 1234 Make : ACCURATE Phase : 1 Capacity : 2.5-10A Initial Reading : 0000 Issue Date : 16-Dec-06 Service Release Details : Service No. Box/TC Seal No.1. Box/TC Seal No.2. TR Loc. Code : Pole/Loc. No. Group : Machine Code : Date of Supply : Remarks : Certified that the Load and Category mentioned are Verified and found Correct. Signature of the Consumer Signature of the LM/LI AE/AAE/GUNTUR-D1 Slide35:  Slide36:  Slide37:  Slide38:  Click Here to Know about the status of particular application Slide39:  Slide40:  Click Here to Enter the Licensed Contractor Details Slide41:  Slide42:  Click Here For Cancellation or Re-Registration of application Slide43:  Slide44:  Enter Registration No. of the application you want to cancel Slide45:  Slide46:  Cancellation Report Print Out Slide47:  SOUTHERN POWER DISTRIBUTION COMPANY OF A.P.LTD From To Asst.Divisional Engineer Sri/Smt. RAMA RAO JAMPANI Customer Service Centre GUNTUR-D3 5/2, Arundelpet GUNTUR GUNTUR PH : 2236500,2236300 Lr.No : ADE/CSC/F.Con/D.No : /Dt : ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sir, Sub:- Electricity - APSPDCL - Consumer Service Centre - Cancellation of Registration of your LT Application - Reg. Ref : Registration No. GNT21612060001 Regn.Date : 16-DEC-06 Your LT Application was registered in the reference cited. On 19-Dec-06. Our department staff inspected the premises to which you applied for Electricity Connection and noticed the following lapse(s)/defect(s). 1. Party not Ready/Wiring not Completed. 2. Wrong Details in the Application. Hence it is requested to attend the above lapses/defects and inform the same in call centre and Re-Register the application to release of Supply Please. Thanking You, Yours Faithfully, Asst. Divisional Engineer Customer Service Centre GUNTUR Slide48:  Enter Old Registration No. to Re-Register the Cancelled application Slide49:  By clicking this button we get the cancelled application, then you may re-register it Slide50:  Slide51:  Slide52:  Click Here to view and print the New Services Registration Report Slide53:  Slide54:  Slide55:  Report Preview Click Here to take Print Out Slide56:  Click Here to close and print the work order report Slide57:  Slide58:  Slide59:  Slide60:  Work Order Preview Slide61:  Slide62:  Click Here to view and print the Circlewise Report Slide63:  Slide64:  Slide65:  Slide66:  Applications Collected in the Field Slide67:  Slide68:  Slide69:  Slide70:  Slide71:  Slide72:  Slide73:  Registration Number Generation at ERO for Applications Collected at Field Slide74:  Welcome Screen for Computer Bill Collection System Slide75:  Login Screen Slide76:  Main Screen Slide77:  Click Here to Confirm and generate Registration Numbers for applications Collected at the Field Slide78:  Click the Register Button to generate the Registration Number

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