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Published on July 24, 2014

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Who is Nicola Grun? : Who is Nicola Grun? Grun Family Timeline: Grun Family Timeline 1970s: Parents meet near Regent's Park, London through friends; Mid-1970s: Parents marry and move to Welkom, South Africa. 1978 & 1979: Susan and Nicola are born in Welkom. Early 1990s: Family vacation to the United Kingdom to meet relatives. 1994: Gruns move to Bergen County, New Jersey. 1995: Gruns move to Denver, Colorado. 1999 - 2001: Nicola lives in London, England. 2001: Nicola visits cousins in Australia. First meeting ever! 2006: Susan moves to Belgium and several years later London. 2005/2006: Susan and parents visit relatives in Poland for the first time. 2007: Susan, Nicola, Aniela and Stefan meet in Poland. Family Tree – Mother's Side: Family Tree – Mother's Side Family Summary: Family Summary My grandparents on my father's side were Polish and left Poland during World War II. My grandparents on my mother's side were British and both of my parents were born in England (dad 1954 and mom 1950). I didn't spend much time with my English relatives until I lived in London from 1999 to 2001 when I got to know them as an adult. My parents moved to South Africa where my sister and I were born and raised. My Polish grandparents were our only close family. Summary of Family Tree: Summary of Family Tree Mitchell-Gordons Grandparents: Frank and Betty (English) Occupations: Frank - British navy officer; Betty – Physical education school teacher. Probably considered middle class. Aunts and Uncles: Mike and Meg Mitchell (English) Elizabeth and Jim Richardson (English) Cousins: Hannah and Jonathan Mitchell; Myles, Tanya, Michelle and Kirsty Richardson Member of the Order of the British Empire Award for a significant achievement or outstanding service to the community. Summary of Family Tree: Summary of Family Tree Gruns Grandparents: Brunoska and Alinka Grun (Polish) Occupations: Brunoska – metallurgist; Alinka – chocolate factory. Middle class. Aunts and Uncles: Wojtek and Kerril (Australian), late aunt Zoska (I never met her). Cousins: Aniela and Stefan Grun (Australia) Niece: Kasia (daughter to Aniela) Living in South Africa: Living in South Africa Languages: Afrikaans – national language. Polish and English traditions: Ginger Fish and Pierogi for Christmas Eve. Fruit cakes and puddings. Economy: 25.26 percent unemployment. Gini index 63. Average middle class income approximately R72000 ($6747). Society: Four out of 10 South Africans live in poverty. Education: Both parents and close aunts and uncles have university degrees. Middle class. Views on career and education. Schooling: Attended private Catholic elementary school and public high school. Living in South Africa: Living in South Africa Apartheid: Culture of maids, sports and community. Religion: Methodist Welkom: Close community. Friendships: Many childhood connections. Different races. Moving to the United States: Moving to the United States Brain drain from South Africa after apartheid (1945-1994). Teenage years and culture shock – school uniforms. Struggles: Socializing and assimilating. Cultural Influences: South Africa, England, Poland and United States. Old and new traditions. Moving as a family strengthened bonds. Seeing real poverty makes me realize how lucky and privileged I am to live in the USA. Family Values: Family Values International and domestic travel. Outdoor appreciation and activities. South Dakota road trip 2010. Education Marriage - parents still married after 36+ years. Childhood memories? Camping... Family Reunions: Family Reunions Parents' First Trip to Australia: Parents' First Trip to Australia Cousin Reunion – Poland 2007: Cousin Reunion – Poland 2007 Cousins Stefan and Aniela Grun “Spitting” Polish: “Spitting” Polish Visit to Warsaw: Visit to Warsaw My Culture: My Culture Values: Health, relationships, community, FUN, creativity and achievement. Hobbies: Hiking in the great outdoors, cycling, tennis, snowboarding, painting, cooking, socializing with friends and family, reading. PowerPoint Presentation: Can I have a nervous breakdown yet? Now I remember why I do it! Career as a Therapist: Career as a Therapist Adaptable, resilient, adventurous, non-judgmental of others. Privileged upbringing so must be conscious of struggles of my clients. Areas for growth: Opportunities for growth are neverending and take shape in many different forms (social, professional, personal etc). Never be afraid to set goals and strive for them.

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