Current trends emerging in western home décor

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Published on August 11, 2014

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Current trends emerging in western home décor: Current trends emerging in western home décor Western home décor is mostly seen in the western plains and the southwest of the United States of America and is quite popular trend due its’ versatile style that works with a variety of home types that renders the space like a ranch house. The western home décor is quite popular in recent years due to its wide appeal of the style adopted in the furnishing of the kitchen, bedroom and other places of the house. The recent trends that are emerging from western home décor can be observed in western bedroom decor that includes the use of wood furniture with warm colors.   There is still a misconception among people that western home décor means that it is concerned with typical wildlife antiques plastered all over the house. However, it is not so as items inspired by nature but also by the traditional American furniture style that can bring vibrancy in the house and bringing in western touch without wildlife playing its part. Much of the western home décor can be done by adding many color combinations that may include earth green, light cream, bright orange and yellow colors. The distinct decorating styles that include southwestern, lodge, rustic, cowboy and country are part of this décor. PowerPoint Presentation: The Western Home Furnishings gets a great look and feel to the western furniture with its downtown charm that has resulted in a remarkable increase in their popularity all these years. The current trend in the western home furnishings area is to have room with a cozy and comfortable setting that includes western furniture items for every room in the house. Hand tool leather bar, leather armchair with brass tack accents and spiral turned front legs are some of the latest trends of furniture catching on these days. Bedrooms are the most overlooked room, especially for those families with kids.   The western furniture for bedroom is mostly made of wood or even made from logs. It is better to look the furniture as a smaller version of the natural material used in a log cabin. The log pieces can be left lightly stained or being painted to help in enhancing the look of the furniture. The other types of western furniture that can be included in the western bedroom décor list include dressers, chests, nightstands, western bedding ensembles etc. The other area where western style of furniture can be used is in the kitchen or dining rooms. Wooden tables with matching chairs are the right way to decorate this part of the house.   Many families use the dining area for much more than eating such as activities concerned with family matters. Dining room is also a place used for planning a family vacation or important parties. The dining room is an area that can be made cozy and comfortable by having an exquisite table with impressive look that really converts the room into a western style dining area. The western style buffets, china cabinets, western canisters, wine accessories really make a great addition to the kitchen or dining room.  

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