Information about CURRICULUM PROJECT - CA1

Published on June 13, 2016

Author: nandabastos7



REFERENCES: CURRICULUM PROJECT ASSISTIVE TECHNOLOGY ESE 530 - SUMMER 2016 REFERENCES: BACKGROUND INFORMATION SETT FRAMEWORK STUDENT ENVIROMENT TASK TOOLS REFERENCES: ASSISTIVE TECHNOLOGY 1. IPOD TOUCH (PDA) REFERENCES: ASSISTIVE TECHNOLOGY 2. MOTIVAIDER ® REFERENCES: ASSISTIVE TECHNOLOGY 3. VIDEOTOTE REFERENCES: CONCLUSION REFERENCES: REFERENCES Burke R.V., Bowen S.L., Allen K.D., Howard M.R., Downey D., & Matz M.G. (2013). Tablet-based video modeling and prompting in the workplace for individuals with autism.  Journal Of Vocational Rehabilitation ,  38 (1), 1-14. doi:10.3233/JVR-120616 . Legge , D. B., DeBar , R. M., & Alber -Morgan, S. R. (2010). The effects of self-monitoring with a motivAider [R] on the on-task behavior of fifth and sixth graders with autism and other disabilities.  Journal Of Behavior Assessment And Intervention In Children ,  1 (1), 43-52 . Van Laarhoven , T., Johnson, J. W., Van Laarhoven -Meyers, T., Grider , K. L., Grider , K. M. The effectiveness of using a video iPod as a prompting device in employment settings. Journal of Behavioral Education . 2009; 18:119-141.

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