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Published on July 7, 2014

Author: rainierdistillers



Custom Copper Moonshine Still: Custom Copper Moonshine Still Prompt Service: Prompt Service Our waiting time is about 3-6 weeks for Moonshine Stills to be built. Longer for larger moonshine stills. We also sell Pot Stills. Anything small and handmade there will be a little wait, maybe 1-2 weeks. I am available round the clock for phone calls to discuss goals and your ideas. Also I can help with anything in the future after purchasing. We also do repairs and welding on any moonshine stills you might have or boilers you may want to refurbish.  We sell complete moonshine kits for beginners and I also have moonshine books I recommend. I write articles every now and again. We also have or can send you to someone, parts for the do it yourselfer. Parents at home, you can teach your kids about distilling their own backyard as in flowers and herbs. Moonshine Stills: Moonshine Stills Moonshine Stills for SALE! We make by hand the 2, 3, and 4 inch, "The Alchemist" Copper Moonshine Stills. It is a Reflux Still. American made! Help with Technical Questions! See the navigation link above for more info on the Alchemist Moonshine Stills. We sell essential oil extensions, on these to make pure oils. Our Reflux towers can be turned into a pot still, as well. We also make " The Witch" Herbal Extraction Kit, for those herbs such as Cannabis, that it is hard to get the oil. There is nothing out there like " The Witch" or " The Alchemist". Distill fresh water from the most polluted or radiated water, also. Save your communities. There is no limit. The Alchemist and The Witch are like Lab equipment, that will last you a lifetime. The still will pay you back. 30 Gallon Boiler: 30 Gallon Boiler 30 Gallon Boiler shown here, with many possibilities. The 30 gallon boiler is two kegs welded together by a professional tig welder.  It comes with two 4 inch cleanout windows- one metal, one glass ( polycarbonate). Also a spigot. There is a temperature gauge on top. It comes electric with 4 1500 watt elements. Made from NEW KEGS. The Witch Herbal Extractor: The Witch Herbal Extractor Comes with 18 pieces including one gallon electrical pot, citric acid, electric control panel, 4 SS clamps 2", 4 SS caps 2", 4 silicone gaskets 2", 1 screen gasket 2", 1 Alchemist tower 2", 1 glass 2" extension, 1 SS extension, 1 filter pack and rack, 1 modular stand, 1 pair of rubber gloves, 4 rolls of copper mesh, 1 infrared thermometer, 1 large digital thermometer, 1 45 degree thermometer, hoses, 1 extra large funnel, etc..  For more information please visit our website : For more information please visit our website

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