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Published on August 5, 2014

Author: artfromthesoul



Custom Edelweiss Wedding Stole: Custom Edelweiss Wedding Stole The Story Behind the Stole: The Story Behind the Stole We received a call from Susie wanting a stole for her wedding that would be in honor of her mother who had passed away.  He mom had loved edelweiss and Susie hoped we would create a stole with the flower on it. She gave us complete freedom in the creative process and here is the result. Here is what Susie says about the stole: "OH MY HEAVENS!! I received the stole - it is gorgeous!  My sister and I cried - my mother would have loved this stole to be worn at my wedding.  We are keeping it a surprise until the ceremony.  Again, thank you so much for what will be the loveliest piece of art work at the ceremony.  I like it as much as my wedding dress!  -Susieā€ Verde Terrenal (Green Earth) Stoles: Verde Terrenal (Green Earth) Stoles Sparks First Christian Church (DOC) Worship chair, Sue, the Minister, Steve, and I were sitting and brainstorming for Easer 2013. It was going to be tough after 2012 and the butterfly extravaganza. We decided that we were going to create splashes of color. I took my assignment literally and was digitally throwing paint on the canvas. I had 4 banners that were oranges and yellows and one green to balance it out. Steve loved the green one and asked it I could make a stole out of it so I shrunk the banner and twisted and turned it and layered it and here is what we have. Wear this stole any time or especially for Ordinary Time and sermons that celebrate the Earth, nature and Green Ministries. For more information please visit For more information please visit

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