David Wescott - The Voyage to Radical Transparency - A Journey into the Blogosphere

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Published on August 3, 2015

Author: trufflemedia

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2. Perceptions On Transparency

3. Strategic Goals Build relationships and goodwill with influential consumers Increase positive messaging Inoculate the industry from misleading attacks

4. Influential Online Consumers • 12 bloggers • Parenting community • Experienced • Tech savvy • Limited farming experience • Combined reach: 5.4m We included a mom who happened to be a farmer – she was seen more as a peer than an industry representative We also included a Raleigh-based mom to serve as a co- hostess and a consultant – to understand their perspective

5. What makes a message persuasive? • Peers are more credibleThe messenger • “What people don’t do” Societal norms/ group dynamics • Moderate fear with a constructive solution Emotions • Not partisan or emotionally invested The audience

6. “Farm to Pork” Program Meals • 18 Seaboard • Southern Smoke BBQ • Chef Rhodes Prestage Farms • Sow farm • Nursery • Finishing farm Smithfield processing • Kill floor • “Cold side” • Sustainability presentation NC State lectures • Nutrition • Chef’s presentation “Radical transparency” meant no details spared, no questions unanswered

7. Bonding

8. Yes, she inseminated a sow

9. Visit the farms, meet the farmers

10. Radical transparency means…

11. From neutral to ally

12. Validating third parties

13. They have reverence for the animal and thank it for its sacrifice. This was one of the greatest things I learned there. I wondered how they could love the animal so much while knowing where it would end up… They said that they love the animal, want it to be happy while it’s in their personal care and they thank GOD that the animal sacrifices its life to put food on our tables. Very cool.

14. The inevitable attack… From: [email protected] To: cc: Subject: Farm to Pork follow up ---------------------------------------------------- Hi Farm to Pork attendees, I hope this week is going well for you. Thanks to those of you who reached out to us after the North Carolina event – you were right to express some skepticism…

15. Didn’t work

16. Thank You

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