DB102 PPoA Configuration

Information about DB102 PPoA Configuration

Published on January 7, 2008

Author: mixan8

Source: authorstream.com


PPoA Settings DB102 ADSL Modem:  PPoA Settings DB102 ADSL Modem Slide2:  Open web browser, login to DB102 modem by entering modem IP Address: Pop-up windows will appear and enter User Name (tmadmin) and password (tmadmin). Click Ok to proceed. Slide3:  3. Once login to modem, view and check the modem spec/interface. Slide4:  4. In left pane menu, go to SmartConfig. From the Operation Mode, choose PPoA Mode. Slide5:  Under the Login Information, enter User Name & Password (i.e. example: [email protected]) as provided by your ISP/TMNet. Enter the IP Address and Subnet Mask. Click Submit to proceed. Slide6:  7. View the Configuration details before proceed to Submit. Slide7:  8. Once submitted, wait until your web browsers shows ‘Page not found’-Internet explorer or ‘the connection has timed out ’- Mozilla. Slide8:  9. Go to Start>Settings>Control Menu to access the Network Connection setting. 10. Double click Network Connections. Slide9:  11. Double click Local Area Connection & 12. Click Properties button. Slide10:  13. Double click Internet Protocol (TCP/IP). Or select Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) and click Properties button. Slide11:  14. Select Use the following IP address and enter the IP address and Subnet mask as given by ISP/TMNet. 15. Enter the DNS server addresses (Preferred: & Alternate: Click Ok. Slide12:  16. Go to web browsers and enter the new IP Address. In pop-up windows, enter the previous user name and password for the modem (tmadmin, tmadmin). Click Ok to proceed. Slide13:  17. Go to Home in the left pane menu, and view the status info. Click refresh button to re-confirm the status. Slide14:  18. Go to Admin and go to Management Control. Check all the remote access option and click Submit. Slide15:  19. Go to Bridging in the menu and look DSL Parameter button at the bottom of the page. New pop-up windows will appear. Slide16:  20. Open web browser and try go to www.yahoo.com (international website) or www.bharian.com.my (local website). 21. Done

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