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Published on December 28, 2008

Author: akriipm



DELL : DELL GOLDEN RULE AT DELL :- Disdain inventory Always listen to the customer Never sell indirect INTRODUCTION :-- : INTRODUCTION :-- A Fortune 500 Corporation World 2nd largest Computer manufacture An American based Corporation Deals mainly Computer Hardware Deal directly with end user End user can customize a/c their need HISTORY OF DELL :-- : HISTORY OF DELL :-- Founded by Mr. Michael Dell , a 18 year boy Estd in 1984 at Texas in his Dorm Registered as PC’s Limited With a very little fund only Launched its 1st PC (named Turbo PC) in 1985 Its contains Intel 8088 MPU In 1996 ,it became a 1 million dollar company KEYPERSON AT DELL :-- : KEYPERSON AT DELL :-- Michael Dell :-- Founder of DELL computer Youngest CEO in World Left college to focus on his Business in 1985 Now CEO and Chairman of DELL Pursuing his degree in medicine Have a hobby of building Computers Slide 5:  LEADERS OF DELL MAJOR ACHIEVEMENTS :-- : MAJOR ACHIEVEMENTS :-- Introduced fastest computer in 1986 Its has lowest price among all other Went to SPRING COMDEX’s 86 Expanding his business globally Open office in London in June 1987 Introduced Li-ON battery in 1993 AMD mpu firstly used by DELL .com is launched in June 1994 BREAKTROUGH :-- : BREAKTROUGH :-- As soon as is launched Customization become very easy Than telephonic customization Product list is available with Price Direct purchase with credit card Brochure sent directly to email Technical support Even complain is accepted there MAJOR SETBACKS :-- : MAJOR SETBACKS :-- First setback experienced in year 1984 When huge stock of 256k memory chip become useless Due to capacity of memory increased (from 256k to 1 MB) in almost Overnight OLYMPIC series got huge failure Potentially affected batteries were sold with Laptops in 2006 CRITICISM :-- : CRITICISM :-- For different main board and PSU in 1990 For better Business bureau in 2005 For Quality of customer service in 2006 OVERCOME :-- Replace all the defected batteries Improve its customer service by investing 150 million dollars CURRENT MARKET POLICY :-- : CURRENT MARKET POLICY :-- Lowering of prices Offers free products Offers free shipping Purchases via internet/telephone Customization via internet/telephone All types of advertisement Advertisement & Promotion :-- : Advertisement & Promotion :-- By print media Giving various discount on large purchase Through Electronic media Image advertisement By making “Ben Curtis” its brand ambassador “ DUDE YOU ARE GETTING A DELL “ a slogan used for advertisement Market share :-- : Market share :-- 2nd Largest Share of PC business With 19.2% market share Just after HP with market share 23.9% Still very limited success in INDIA Have global collaboration with Xerox for printing solution In INDIA have collaboration with WIPRO 8.1% share in Server market Its competitor strategies :-- : Its competitor strategies :-- Tough competition other Branded PC’s Come with Other Product Organizing various activity make their TOMA higher Assembled PC by Local merchants Price Is almost same ………… : ………… Other also started direct HP Providing essential software Introducing tough pad Image advertisement from Local legends Buying competitor unit to down competition Grey marketing of various computer products FUTURE PREDICTION :-- : FUTURE PREDICTION :-- Image advertising by Local Legends Focus more TV advertisement Free Home delivery Emphasis on Peripheral Goods Open more DISPLAY OUTLET Like recently tie up with “GOME Group” the largest electronic retailer in China Project by :-- : Project by :-- AJIT KUMAR

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