DeLonghi PACN130HPE Portable Air Conditioner Review

Information about DeLonghi PACN130HPE Portable Air Conditioner Review

Published on July 21, 2014

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DeLonghi PACN130HPE Portable Air Conditioner: DeLonghi PACN130HPE Portable Air Conditioner DeLonghi PACN130HPE Portable Air Conditioner: DeLonghi PACN130HPE Portable Air Conditioner Hi everyone , welcome to review In this presentation we are reviewing the: DeLonghi PACN130HPE Portable Air Conditioner: DeLonghi PACN130HPE Portable Air Conditioner Here, you will find out the technical specifications, key features, parts, accessories, front panel buttons and indicators, as well as the remote control buttons and indicators of the DeLonghi PACN130HPE portable air conditioner, and also… DeLonghi PACN130HPE Portable Air Conditioner: DeLonghi PACN130HPE Portable Air Conditioner y ou will find out where to get information on prices, discounts, real use reviews, real user ratings, other essential details on this portable air conditioner at the end of this Presentation PowerPoint Presentation: T he Technical Specifications Technical Specifications : Technical Specifications Model: Delonghi PACN130HPE Product Type: Portable air conditioner Cooling Capacity: 13,000 BTU Recommended Areas Size: Up to 500 square foot Power Supply: 115 Volts Frequency: 60 Hz Power Consumption: 3810 Watt Technical Specifications: Technical Specifications Amperage: 10 Amps Cooling Dehumidifying Capability: 54.95 pints per day Only Dehumidifying Capability: 86.65 pints per day Display Type: Digital LCD Number of Fan Speeds: 3 (Low, Medium and High) Number of Operation Modes: 4 (Cool, Dehumidifier, Fan and Heater) Refrigerant Type: R-410A Technical Specifications: Technical Specifications Noise Level: 52 dB Hose Type: Single Programmable Timer: 24-hour Energy Efficiency Ratio: 9 Temperature Range: 50-95 degrees Fahrenheit Products Dimension: 15” W x 17” D x 30.5” H Product Weight: 70.3 Ibs PowerPoint Presentation: T he Additional Features Additional Features: Additional Features 3810 watts of supplemental heating power Features DeLonghi's patented no-drip technology (dripless exhaust) Exclusive condensate recirculation system for dripless, bucketless operation Easy-to-use Electronic Climate Control Easily portable with durable castor wheels and side-carry handles Easily accessible, washable air filter Additional Features: Additional Features Window bracket and exhaust hose included for an easy installation Energy efficient adjustable thermostat Compact components and an ultra-efficient internal fan for quiet operation Self-diagnosis maintenance system identifies malfunctions should they occur Auto mode automatically selects the most appropriate cooling speed based on ambient of the room Fitted with a frost protection device to prevent ice from forming on its internal components PowerPoint Presentation: T he Front/Rear View Parts & Accessories List Front View Parts List : Front View Parts List 1. Air outlet grille 2. Control panel 3. Handles 4. Castors Rear View Parts List: Rear View Parts List 5. Filter 6. Evaporator air intake grille 7. Air exhaust hose housing 8. Condenser air intake grille 9. Power cable 10. Drainage hose with 2 caps Parts List (Accessories): Parts List (Accessories ) 11. Wall flange with cap 12. Air exhaust hose 13. Hose adaptor 14. Accessory for wall mounting 15. Window bracket 16. Additional window bracket 17. Window outlet 18. Remote control PowerPoint Presentation: T he Control Panel Buttons & Indicators Control Panel Buttons: Control Panel Buttons A. ON/OFF button B. MODE selection button (Air conditioning, dehumidifying, fan, heating) C. Fan speed selection button (MAX/MED/MIN) D. Timer button E. Programmed operation increase temperature/time button F. Programmed operation decrease temperature/time button Control Panel Indicators: Control Panel Indicators G. Display Displays the temperature values set and the programmed operating time H . Timer in operation indicator light I. High fan speed indicator light L. Medium fan speed indicator light M. Low fan speed indicator light N. Fan/Heat mode indicator light Control Panel Indicators: Control Panel Indicators O. Air-conditioning mode indicator light P. Dehumidifying mode indicator light Q. Alarm indicator light R. Remote control receiver S. Light: the inner temperature is shown on the display T. Light: the outdoor temperature is shown on the display PowerPoint Presentation: T he Remote Control Buttons & Indicators Remote Control Buttons: Remote Control Buttons 19. “ON/OFF” button 20. Increase /Decrease button for temperature/programmed use 21. “MODE” button 22. “TIMER” button 23. °F/°C scale button 24. Fan speed selection button (MAX/MED/MIN ) Remote Control Indicators: Remote Control Indicators Temperature indicator Programmed operating timer indicator High fan speed indicator Medium fan speed indicator Low fan speed indicator Fan/Heat mode indicator Air-conditioning mode indicator Dehumidifying mode indicator PowerPoint Presentation: Where to get more information…... More Information?: More Information? * Prices * Discounts * Real use reviews * Real user ratings * And More http:// For information on: Please visit:

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