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Published on August 31, 2009

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Demand Controlled Ventilation & Power Saving : Demand Controlled Ventilation & Power Saving By Gas Alarm Marketing Pvt. Ltd. India Conventional Ventilation: : Conventional Ventilation: Most of the ventilation system, conventional and even most modern ventilation works on the basis of worst-case scenario. Provide fix rate of air flow irrespective of level of occupancy or indoor air quality (IAQ). Lead to huge amount of energy and money wastage Energy & environmentally inefficient system. Demand Controlled Ventilation: : Demand Controlled Ventilation: Regulate ventilation as per need Ventilation depend on demand rather than supply Monitor space occupancy Maintain indoor air quality - IAQ Meet LEED and ASHRAE standard Slide 4: How DCV Works: Slide 5: How DCV Works: Slide 6: How DCV Works: Biggest Benefit: : Biggest Benefit: Huge energy (power) saving to the tune of 30-60% (supported by many international papers and analysis) Very low payback period (about 3-9 months) Huge reduction in system operating cost Looking at Global Warming – Environment friendly and Qualifies as an essential part of a Green Building Energy Saving Scope: : Energy Saving Scope: Energy/power saving is directly proportional to fluctuation in human occupancy. More the fluctuation, more power saving. Other benefits: : Other benefits: Decrease in sick behavior and human fatigue, hence increase in workforce productivity Answer to sick building syndrome Helps reduction in workforce absenteeism Improvement in indoor air quality, leading to increase in mental efficiency Improve humidity control Reduction in suffocation, nausea, headache, asthmatic behavior Improve child’s mental power and ability Cost / Benefit Analysis: : Cost / Benefit Analysis: Very low payback period of 3-9 months (supported by many international papers, analysis and commercial application) 30-60% energy saving lead to huge operating cost reduction Concept and application is eligible for carbon credits, which will further reduce payback period and provide additional income. Application Areas: : Application Areas: Multiplex, Theatres, Auditoriums Malls, commercial buildings, retail stores Gymnasiums & health centres Hospitals, hotels, indoor stadium Offices Schools, colleges & institutes Nightclubs Government facilities and offices. Food production/storage facilities Beverages industries like Coca-cola, Pepsi Cellars, bottling plants, storage facility And many more areas of human occupancy Other products by ‘Gas Alarm’: : Other products by ‘Gas Alarm’: Some Clients: : Some Clients: Contact Us: : Contact Us: SS Kedia (Managing Director) Mobile:+91 – 941 334 3772 Email: [email protected], [email protected] Vinod Gogoriya (Director) Mob: +91 – 998 334 5452 Email: [email protected], [email protected] Website: Email: [email protected]

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