Information about dentrifices

Published on December 21, 2009

Author: sekhara



Slide 1: DENTRIFICES 1 DENTRIFICES Slide 2: DENTRIFICES: Are preparations meant to clean the surface of the teeth by removing the food debris and reduction of tooth decay. Examples: Tooth pastes Tooth powders Tooth gels 2 Slide 3: Tooth pastes: Are semisolid preparations containing a very high % of solid particles and meant to clean the surface of teeth with the help of tooth brush. Ideal characters': __ Consistency __ Abrasiveness __ Appearance __ Foaming __ Taste __ Stability 3 Slide 4: FORMULATION: Abrasive /Polishing agents:ppt calcium phosphate, phosphates of calcium, silica polymers. Surface active Agents:S.L.S,Sodium lauryl sarcosinate. Binding agents:sodium CMC,cellulose ethers. Humectants:Sobitol70,glycerins,propylene glycol. Sweetening agents:sodium saccharin, chloroform. Flavouring agents:spermint oil,pippermint oil. Preservatives:methyl&propyl paraben. Therapeutic agents:chloro hexidine,triclosan. 4 Slide 5: FORMULA: Calcium Carbonate(abrasive agent -28.0gm Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (surfactant)-0.5gm Glycerin(humectant) -11.0gm Gum Tragacanth (binding agent) -0.75gm Water(liquid phase) -9.7gm Saccharin Sodium( sweetning Agent) -0.05gm Flavour&Preservative - q.s 5 Slide 6: PREPARATION: Dry Gum Method Wet Gum Method a)Cold Process b)Heated Liquid-Phase process c)Multiple Liquid-Phase Process 6 Slide 7: Filling & Packing: Two major processes - Manufacture of an empty tube - Filling and Closing of the tube Filling of tube can be divided into four main stages. -Handling of Tubes -Tube Preparation -Filling of tubes -Tube Closing and Sealing 7 Slide 8: EVALUATION OF TOOTH PASTES: Particle size determination Abrasive character test Cleansing property test Determination of foam character Determination of volatile content&Moisture content pH of the product. 8 Slide 9: Particle size determination: It important as the cleansing nature and abrasive property of dentrifice mainly depends on particle size, it is determined by using microscopical techniques and sieving methods. Abrasive character test: Checking the abrasive property have been done on extracted teeth, the teeth are brushed by mechanical by means of paste and comparing the results before and after brushing. 9 Slide 10: Cleansing property test:the tooth cleansers such as pastes or powders are brushed onto a polyster film and change in reflectance character of the lacquer is measured.Invivo method brushing the teeth with dentrifices for 2 weeks and condition of the teeth before and after brushing and compare with photographs. Determination of foam character: Determination of volatile content&Moisture content: pH of the product: 10

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