Designing a Powerful Logo in 5 Easy Steps

Information about Designing a Powerful Logo in 5 Easy Steps

Published on July 26, 2014

Author: australianlogos



Designing a Powerful Logo in 5 Easy Steps: Designing a Powerful Logo in 5 Easy Steps What you need to Know to Create a Convincing and Fascinating Logo Eye catching Logo Designs : Eye catching Logo Designs A detailed designing process is required to crate an outstanding logo that will suit any business’s requirement. In the following slides you will get to know 5 basic steps so that you can also try to create a logo or at least how this process works. Step 1 – Design Brief: Step 1 – Design Brief You need all the information concerning a logo and its requirements before start making the design brief. You may have to search all the information yourself if the person or business you are making the logo don’t know what exactly they need. Target Market, message objectives and keeping the deadline in mind is the key to success. Further Reading on Design Briefs: Step 2 - Research: Step 2 - Research Finding about the industry concerning the logo and its historical perspective is associated with research. It also includes Visual Research and Analyzing your findings. As a designer, you should think of going with the industry trend or create an entirely innovative one. Further Reading on Design Research: Step 3 – Build the Design Concepts: Step 3 – Build the Design Concepts Let your ideas do the talking and your imagination go wild to develop a good blend of compelling graphics. Try to express complex and diverse nature of businesses into small and simple logo design. Sketching out rough drafts, brainstorming the ideas and matching the parameters of design brief is the main objective of building design concepts. Further Reading on Design Concepts: Step 4 – Feedback and Review: Step 4 – Feedback and Review Reviewing your work is a crucial step with selecting the right ones, focus on stronger ones and leaving out the weaker ones. Making changes, getting the feedback and then creating appropriate changes is what this step is all about. Further Reading on Reviewing and Feedback: Step 5 - Presentation: Step 5 - Presentation After finalizing, it’s time to unveil the new design to the world. Hopefully, everyone will love your design as you have made extensive hard work and painstakingly laborious research for it. Further Reading on Design Presentations: About Australian Logos: About Australian Logos Australian Logos is one of the premier Australian logo design companies online helping clients to get vibrant and trendy logos, stationery and brochure designs. If you are finding it hard to create a logo yourself, let us do all the work in quick time and price well within your budget.

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