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Published on August 11, 2014

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Midwest Freefall SKYDIVING: Midwest Freefall Sport Parachute Club (SPC), Inc. is a Michigan Non-Profit entity that exists solely for the promotion and enjoyment of Skydiving and Sport Parachuting. Midwest Freefall SKYDIVING Info & Rates: Info & Rates Making reservations at Midwest Freefall Skydiving Center is easy! Call us directly or book online through our website. All pricing includes training, equipment, tickets to altitude - there are no hidden fees! Organizing A Group: Organizing A Group Midwest Freefall Skydiving Center offers group pricing. The skydiving experience is always more fun with friends - the more people you bring, the more money you save! Gift Certificate: Gift Certificate Gift Certificate Pricing Options 1 Tandem Skydive: $229 1 Video & Stills Package: $109 Combo: 1 Tandem Skydive + Video Package $338 Video Services: Video Services Our amazing video flyers will capture the gear up, the walk to the aircraft, the ride to 13,000 feet and of course the amazing freefall and landing. We offer photography and DVD video edited to great music. Saying you skydived versus showing your skydive to the world is a big difference! Experienced: Experienced Midwest Freefall offers great atmosphere, good vibes and fun people. We have the best facilities in Michigan! Midwest Freefall SPC is a full time turbine DZ, featuring a Kodiak capable of four loads per hour to 14,000 feet! Frequently Asked Questions: Frequently Asked Questions Making a skydive is not like going to the amusement park - there's a lot more to it, so of course you'll have questions. Refer to our FAQ's to find quick answers to your questions Contact Information: Contact Information Reservations Book Online Email [email protected] Phone 586-752-5867 Location Address 62912 Kunstman Rd Ray, MI 48096

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