Difference between personnel management and HRM

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Published on May 18, 2012

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Difference between personnel management and HRM: Difference between personnel management and HRM Personnel Mgmt Management of people employed Employees are treated as economic man & services are exchanged for salary , wages. Employees are treated as cost center Employees are mostly used for organizational benefits. Personnel mgmt is treated as secondary function. Actions are based on procedure Mgmt task are monitoring Decision is slow Communication is indirect Behavior is based on norms policies, customs & practices Pay is based on job evaluation Mgmt note is transactional HRM Management of employees KSA Employees are treated as economic social & psychological man. Employees are treated as profit center Employees are mostly used for multiple benefits. HRM is treated as strategic function Actions are based on business needs Tasks are nurturing. Facilities are speedy decisions Communication is direct Behavior is based on values, mission Pay is based on performance evaluation. Role is transformational leadership. Definition : Definition “ HRM is the function performed in organization that facilities the most effective use of people to achieve organizational and individual goals”. Ivancevich & Glucck HRM is “planning, organizing, directing & controlling of the procurement, developing, compensation, integration, maintenance & production of human resource to the end that individual, organizational & social objectives are accomplished.” “Flippo” The management of human relations is viewed as a system in which participants seeks to attain both individual & group goals. “Dale Yoder” PowerPoint Presentation: Components of HRM Acquisition Development Motivation Maintenance HRM lays emphasis on Interest of management Adopting a strategic approach Obtaining added value from people Gaining their commitment PowerPoint Presentation: AIMS OF HRM To achieve organizational objectives through workforce. To utilize people to their full capacity & potential, To fosters commitments from individual to success of company. To integrate human resource policies with business plan. To unleash the energy of employees. To create conditions where innovation, teamwork & total quality flourishes. To encourage willingness to operate flexibility. PowerPoint Presentation: Objectives of HRM Helping the organization reach it goals Employing the skills and abilities of the workforce effectively. Providing the organization with well trained and well motivated employees. Communicating HRM policies to all the employees job satisfaction and self actualization. Developing & maintaining a quality of work life. Helping to maintain ethical policies and social responsible behavior. Managing change PowerPoint Presentation: Features of HRM pervasive force Action oriented Future oriented People oriented Comprehensive function Individual oriented Inter disciplinary functions Continuous function Staff function Development oriented

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