Digital Data Delivery of 787

Information about Digital Data Delivery of 787

Published on November 30, 2008

Author: syedhyder



Various Delivery Options of e-enabled Data to Airline Customer : Various Delivery Options of e-enabled Data to Airline Customer 1. MyBoeingFleet 2. Maintenance Performance Toolbox 3. Radiance TrueDelivery 4. Toolbox Remote 5. GoldCare MyBoeingFleet : MyBoeingFleet MyBoeingFleet is a secure web portal that is currently available to airplane owners, operators, Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul operators, and other third parties. Developed by Boeing Commercial Aviation Services, MyBoeingFleet provides customers direct and personalized access to information essential to the operation of Boeing-delivered aircraft. MyBoeingFleet : MyBoeingFleet Content - Currently, MyBoeingFleet offers registered users access to: Maintenance Documents Engineering Drawings Flight Operations PART Page (Spare parts online ordering system) Boeing Digital Profile Drawings Online and e-mail notices of new service bulletins by airplane model Warranty Claims Maintenance Performance Toolbox : Maintenance Performance Toolbox Maintenance Performance Toolbox (Toolbox) is focused on the ability to manage technical documentation and records associated with aircraft maintenance and repair activities. These activities, whether they are for preventative maintenance, troubleshooting, or correction of an aircraft discrepancy, all use procedures and related information either developed or accepted for use by the aircraft operator. Toolbox support of these activities is based on the ability to maintain a current and accurate set of procedures and related information. . Maintenance Performance Toolbox : Maintenance Performance Toolbox All Toolbox features are available via My Boeing Fleet, which provides the benefit of a common and easy-to-use interface to a variety of Boeing on-line products in a reliable and secure environment. Radiance TrueDelivery : Radiance TrueDelivery The Radiance TrueDelivery System is designed to deliver large digital assets. It enables the scheduled, guaranteed, secure distribution of "digital packages" to remote servers and desktop clients across the WAN and Internet. Radiance uses intelligent scheduling, route optimizations, dynamic bandwidth management, and content-smart caching to deliver large files without bringing the network to its knees, or requiring more investment into network resources. It reduces the cost of distributing these large digital assets, while providing greater visibility and control over the delivery process and the network itself. When the package has been completely received, it is unencrypted, unzipped, and the contents are put in the library on the receiving node. Notification can be sent when the transfer is complete. Toolbox Remote : Toolbox Remote Toolbox Remote is a companion tool that provides select Toolbox capabilities and data in a standalone environment. It can be installed on a server and accessed by computers within the customer’s intranet or installed on individual computers providing non-network access to the data and capabilities. It is designed to provide emergent access to data during network interruptions or regular access in locations where network conditions do not support on-line Toolbox access via MyBoeingFleet. GoldCare : GoldCare Boeing is introducing GoldCare, designed to provide airlines with the tools that will enable them to maximize airline operations in a way that corresponds to the 787's efficiencies. GoldCare brings innovation to maintenance & engineering operations that will measure up to the new Dreamliner technologies introduced by Boeing and its international technology development team. GoldCare is Boeing's flexible set of 787 Dreamliner support services. Boeing works with airlines to select from a menu of services to tailor a support package that best fits their operation. Airlines using GoldCare services can, depending on how they tailor their selections, boost airplane availability, reduce cost and/or improve efficiency throughout the lifecycle of the airplane.

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