Digital Trends What to Expect in 2014

Information about Digital Trends What to Expect in 2014

Published on July 31, 2014

Author: michaelclark1172



PowerPoint Presentation: Digital Trends - What to Expect in 2014? PowerPoint Presentation: The year 2014 has a number of digital trends that you should look forward to. Content, Social media, Multi-screening etc. are a few things that will continue to affect the Internet world. A professional and experienced web development company is what you need to stay ahead in the competition in your field . Here are the 4 digital trends of 2014 you should be aware PowerPoint Presentation: Content Rules People are tired of hearing this again and again, but they have to understand how important content is for their website. This is even truer with Google’s latest algorithm update, Penguin, coming onto the scene. Experts consider Penguin to be a game changer in the field of SEO . High and good quality content will still be needed for your website to rank better in search results so when deciding upon your website strategy remember that blogs, articles and content generated by users is becoming more and more important. PowerPoint Presentation: Increase in the number of digital conglomerates This might not be news to you, but there’s been a significant rise in the field of digital conglomerates. The whole concept is that the users spend more time with the company which has a greater presence on the internet . For example, Google has a huge portfolio that includes the search engine, the email (Gmail), navigation (Google maps), social media (YouTube and Google+), the mobile market (the Nexus phones and the Android operating system) and many more. It’s similar with other tech giants who are not lagging behind, with bigger companies taking over the small ones to get more and more exposure between internet users. PowerPoint Presentation: Multi-Screening The use of Smartphones and tablets has risen considerably but despite this fact, people have not stopped using desktops. What’s the reason behind this? Instead of abandoning the older screens, people are actually switching from one screen to another, sometimes simultaneously. PowerPoint Presentation: The Continuous Rise of Social Media There is no need to discuss the importance of social media in the virtual world. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn have proved to be the biggest players in this segment. Vine, Pinterest and Instagram are gaining popularity at a fast pace. You need to ensure that your products and services have an adequate online presence. To achieve this you can contact a web development Sydney based company. Thank You: Thank You Address: Level 1 557 Military Road Mosman NSW 2088 Telephone: 02 8004 4527 Email: [email protected]

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