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Published on August 6, 2014

Author: MixMemory



Digitalize Your Play-list With MixMemory : Digitalize Your Play-list With MixMemory Digital music opens up an immense world of possibilities for DJs. It helps them create great mixes that are loved by all. There are several apps and softwares that help in making changes and modification in songs. These apps are great professional tools that give an additional edge to the music. MixMemory is an app that works as an excellent DJ playlist creator , helping create multiple playlists leaving a rich cloud collection. Create, store and, save soothing mixes and be a part of the musical bliss. It’s a complete and self-contained app for professional DJing with innovative mixing tools that help to perform electrifying live mixes. PowerPoint Presentation: The app creates playlist using strings that are harmonically compatible to each other. Once the playlist is created it is easier for DJs to use it. They can add it to their collection, create album artwork, add ID3 Tag info, etc. Benefits of using a playlist creator are: Gives great ideas to store music based on the genre. Gives a professional look to the playlist. Easier to find forgotten songs. It gives ample time to DJs to work on mixes and tracks to enhance their collection. PowerPoint Presentation: Earlier to create a playlist, one needed to work a lot and select songs one by one. But now it has become extremely easy to create playlists using MixMemory. It is an intuitive app for iPad and an excellent DJ playlist creator that helps in creating a consistency in the tempo and rhythm in the music. These apps help to get rid of the time consuming preparation process of designing harmonic and non-harmonic playlists. Making it effortless and quick and as a result DJs get music of all genres. It helps to take DJing to an advanced level owing to the harmonic mixing techniques and design. PowerPoint Presentation: MixMemory is a harmonic DJ app that scans the digital music library with precision and filters out tracks that have similar key, BPM, genre, energy, and ratings in seconds. An innovative DJ playlist creator that gives an opportunity to design and experiment with countless tracks whilst harmonic mixing. It helps in creating a comprehensive playlist in an easy manner for special moments, work, relaxation, parties, etc. To know more visit

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