Disadvantages of Fast Food

Information about Disadvantages of Fast Food

Published on July 31, 2014

Author: oowoeitian

Source: authorstream.com


Disadvantages of Fast Food: Disadvantages of Fast Food Prepared by: OO WOEI TIAN PJK (SJKC) Disadvantages : Disadvantages Not healthy The cost is expensive. Families spend less and less time. Fast Food Is Unhealthy: Fast Food Is Unhealthy Contain higher amount of salt, fat and calories Causes obesity Lead to cardiovascular diseases The Cost Is Expensive: The Cost Is Expensive Only economical for a single person The bill is larger if greater number of people having fast food meal together. Families Spend Less and Less Time Together: Families Spend Less and Less Time Together Fast food centers are quickly serving eating this quality time. Family members could not sit together to share their experience. Conclusion: Conclusion By making smart choices while placing the order, we can minimize the drawbacks of fast food.

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