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Published on July 30, 2014

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WELCOME: WELCOME Bali Success Tours PowerPoint Presentation: Ngurah Rai airport is Bali's only international airport. Commonly referred to as Denpasar airport (DPS) the airport is actually not located in Denpasar - it is 13km south of Denpasar, Bali's capital and about 10 minutes drive from Bali's tourist centre of Kuta. Bali Airport PowerPoint Presentation: For many countries, including Australia, Bali offers a Visa on Arrival (VOA). This visa is purchased at the airport upon arrival in Bali at a cost of US$25 and allows a stay of up to 30 days. If you would like to stay in Bali for longer than a month the VOA can be extended for another month. BALI VISAS PowerPoint Presentation: Bali roads are a lot busier than ours in Australia and on first impression may appear choatic. Although their driving sometimes seems to be utter madness they do have general road rules which they stick to and the Balinese are very aware, skilled drivers. GETTING AROUND BALI PowerPoint Presentation: WHERE TO STAY  IN  BALI When people think of Bali most people picture the Kuta area rather than the other areas of Bali. Although a small Island the landscape and culture changes greatly when travelling to different areas. PowerPoint Presentation: The official language of Bali is Bahasa Indonesian however Balinese also have their own dialect which may vary from one village to another. Due to Bali's booming tourist industry the majority of Balinese working or living in the tourist areas know at least basic english so you should have no trouble communicating. BALI LANGUAGE PowerPoint Presentation: When you think of what to do in Bali , tasting the island’s delicious food is perhaps one of the major things that strike your mind. Food is in abundance in Bali and whether you are looking for local cuisine or high end western food you won't have to look hard to find it. There are also many up market restaurants catering to all different cuisines and tastes. EATING IN BALI : BALI RELIGION & CULTURE Exploring the religion and culture of the Balinese people can form a vital part of your Bali tours and activities. The large majority of the Balinese population are Hindu (92%). Hindu's are gentle, spiritual people who worship many gods and believe in karma and reincarnation. Contact Details :: Contact Details : Bali Success Tours OPENING HOURS ( PerthTime ): Mon - Fri: 9am - 5.30pm Saturday: 10am - 2pm Sunday:    Closed ENQUIRIES: [email protected] WEB SITE :

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