Information about DMAIC

Published on December 1, 2010

Author: Jagan339



Digital Six Sigma DMAIC Improvement Process : Digital Six Sigma DMAIC Improvement Process Objective Main Activities Key Deliverables Team Charter Project Plan Process maps Quick Win Opportunities CCRs - CTQs CTPs Input, process, and output indicators Operational definitions Measurement Plan Cause & effect Diagram Baseline performance Results of data analysis Validated root causes Potential solutions Solutions to implement Implementation Plan Improvement impacts and benefits Process control plan to maintain gains Solution(s) results Opportunities for replication and standardization Potential Tools and Techniques Indicators & Problem Statement (effect) Problem Statement Quantified Root Causes 25% 50% Validate/develop Team Charter Map process Identify Quick Wins/Non Value Added Translate VOC/VOB to CTQs/CTPs Build the team Identify input, process, and output indicators Develop Measurement Plan & operational definitions Measurement Systems Analysis Evaluate baseline performance Process Control & Capability Identify potential root causes Validate root causes Use statistical tools Comparative Methods SOV studies FMEA Regression analysis Control charts Design of Experiments (screening/RSM) Generate solutions Evaluate and select solution(s) including benefits Communicate solution(s) to stakeholders Prepare Implementation Plan Implement solution Verify results of solution Integrate and manage solution(s) in daily work processes Identify replication and standardization opportunities Closure activities 1.0 Define Opportunities 2.0 Measure Performance 3.0 Analyze Opportunity 4.0 Improve Performance 5.0 Control Performance EXECUTE EXECUTE EXECUTE EXECUTE EXECUTE Validate or refine the business opportunity and charter, illustrate their business processes, define customer requirements, and prepare themselves to be an effective project team Identify critical measures that are necessary to evaluate the success of meeting critical customer requirements, develop a Measurement Plan to effectively collect data, and establish baseline performance Identify and validate the root causes of poor performance. Determine sources of variation and potential failure modes that lead to customer dissatisfaction Y=f(Xs) Identify, evaluate, and select the right improvement solution(s). To develop a change management approach to assist the organization in adapting to the changes introduced through solution implementation Implement the solution(s), develop a plan to maintain the gains, identify replication and standardization opportunities, and provide closure to the team effort.

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