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Published on August 9, 2014

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FEDERAL POSTERS : F EDERAL P OSTERS A ND W HY Y OU N EED T HEM Highly efficient communicational tool: Highly efficient communicational tool Efficiency is doing more with less. Posters do just that by saying a lot with little space. Through strategic placement of words and images, many times, a single page is all you need. Can turn contacts into collaboration: Can turn contacts into collaboration Posters serve as links between the company/agency and the public for their strategic visual impact. . The Law: The Law Employers are mandated by law to display Federal Posters in conspicuous areas in their establishments. Needless to say, failure to do so merits certain penalties. Promotes civic responsibility: Promotes civic responsibility Federal Posters serve to keep both employers and workers informed of their lawful rights and obligations to each other. Dissemination of information: Dissemination of information Consistent and regular posting ensures that all receive up-to-date information. Endorsement of work/establishment: Endorsement of work/establishment Federal Posters also serve as an endorsement of the government as well as supporting its goal which is for the betterment of the working environment of workers. PowerPoint Presentation: [email protected] Tel: 1-800-273-0307 Local: 714-521-7720 Fax: 714-521-7728 Visit:

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