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Published on March 10, 2014

Author: alexwayne85



PowerPoint Presentation: DO YOU REALLY NEED A WEBSITE? A PRESENTATION BY – FUTURESCAPE TECHNOLOGIES PowerPoint Presentation: ABOUT FUTURESCAPE TECHNOLOGIES Futurescape Technology was envisaged with a vision to give support to small and mid-sized organizations to make them use IT solutions and also to support and accelerate IT uses to integrate seamlessly and easily in to their business. It's not easy for SME's to integrate IT solutions that require high-level training to implement or are not user friendly, but if businesses don't adopt these technologies they would lag behind. This is where we come in; we provide a bridge for SME's to improve their efficiency without worrying about complex software solutions. We have always stood by our mission of empowering SME's through cloud computing. During our journey we have already partnered with many organizations and helped them to improve their business operations. PowerPoint Presentation: DEFINITION OF A WEBSITE Wikipedia defines website as , " A website is a set of related web pages served from a single web domain". We define website as , “ A platform which help you reach MAXIMUM (maximum people) in MINIMUM ( minimum time, minimum cost)”. PowerPoint Presentation: WHY DO YOU REQUIRE A WEBSITE? 2,405,518,376 people use internet everyday that comes out to 70% People are turning away from traditional means of looking for an information. They now “Google Up” everything 24X7X365 availability Sources: PowerPoint Presentation: WHY DO YOU REQUIRE A WEBSITE? Your competitor is Online Builds confidence and credibility A great advertising tool Generates passive Income Opportunities Affordable and expandable marketing PowerPoint Presentation: SOME EYE OPENING STATISTICS 8 Out of every 10 people start using internet every second. Since the year 2000, the number of people using internet has increased by 566% 139,344 new websites on an average go online everyday Sources: PowerPoint Presentation: CONCLUSION - I WEBSITE IS THE NEED OF THE HOUR PowerPoint Presentation: SOME QUESTIONS WILL ANY WEBSITE DESIGN OR A PROFESSIONAL WEBSITE DESIGN MAKE THE DIFFERENCE? WHAT ARE THE INGREDIENTS FOR A SUCCESSFUL WEBSITE? PowerPoint Presentation: ANSWER With so many websites making their mark (139,344 new websites everyday), you have to be different. So, a Professional Website is the need of the hour. PowerPoint Presentation: INGREDIENTS OF A GOOD WEBSITE THEMATIC DESIGN POWERFUL CONTENT SEARCH ENGINE FRIENDLY TECHNOLOGICALLY ADVANCED MALWARE FREE ENSURE HIGHER CONVERSIONS PowerPoint Presentation: THEMATIC DESIGN GRAPHICS TEXT ANIMATION BACKGROUND PowerPoint Presentation: POWERFUL CONTENT READABLE UNAMBIGUOUS HOLDS ATTENTION PowerPoint Presentation: MALWARE FREE TROJANS VIRUSES WORMS FREE FROM PowerPoint Presentation: TECHNOLOGICALLY ADVANCED MOBILE TABLETS DESKTOP / LAPTOP RESPONSIVE PowerPoint Presentation: SEARCH ENGINE FRIENDLY NATURAL LINKING RELEVANT KEYWORDS APPROPRIATE H1/TITLE TAGS COMPELLING CONTENT PowerPoint Presentation: ENSURE HIGHER CONVERSIONS REVENUES CLIENT BASE CREDEBILITY INCREASE IN PowerPoint Presentation: THINK!!!! So how to get a good website? PowerPoint Presentation:  IS THE TRUSTED ANSWER PowerPoint Presentation: WORKING MODEL YOU CHOOSE, WE BUILD PowerPoint Presentation: Tell us about “YOU” and “YOUR REQUIREMENTS” Choose your preferences If content and logo are ready, upload or else we will do it for you Make payment and relax Your website will be delivered in 1 to 7 working days (If you have everything ready i.e. logo, content and images, it will not take more than one day to make the website live) PowerPoint Presentation: A PROFESSIONAL WEBSITE empowered with Strong Content Amazing Design Multi Device Functionality OUTCOME PowerPoint Presentation: So, Click here to Create your own website

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