Download Surgery Game Stomach Doctor for Kids at Google Play

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Published on July 18, 2014

Author: laurakelly2



PowerPoint Presentation: Game Designed & Developed By: Arth I-Soft Download Surgery Game “ Stomach Doctor” for kids at Google Play PowerPoint Presentation: About Game Does your little genius love to eat different junk food and got stomach ache? So lets him play our new game "Stomach Doctor" where your genius tries their hand on becoming stomach doctor. Here Kids are having some ache in their stomach. They have to analyze their stomach and if there are signs that they ate something dangerous to their health then do stomach surgery and remove the dangerous substance. PowerPoint Presentation: Features Check body temperature and heartbeat Scan body using x-ray machine Cover injured part with plaster and allow colorful paint on plaster Remove dangerous germs from stomach Injection is used to be done in pill form, or through it PowerPoint Presentation: Stomach Doctor PowerPoint Presentation: Stomach Doctor Kids Game PowerPoint Presentation: Download on your iPhone / iPad / iPod

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