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Published on December 11, 2009

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Dressing For a Job Interview : Dressing For a Job Interview By: Susan D. Crider 1 Your Professional Look : Your Professional Look People sometime presume that the quality of a person’s work will match the quality of the person’s appearance. 2 Dress Professionally : Dress Professionally “The best advice is to dress for the next step—the job you want, not the job you have.” 3 Professional Business Attire For Men : Professional Business Attire For Men Two piece matched suit in a conservative color such as navy, dark gray, or black. Long-sleeved dress shirt in white or a light color is also required. Ties are mandatory, and men are encouraged to select a conservative tie that matches the suit. 4 Professional Men’s Attire ©PhotoDisc/ Getty Images Slide 5: 5 Shoes should be either brown or black leather. Socks should match the suit and should pull up over the calves so skin does not show when sitting down. Simple leather belt that matches the color of the shoes should also be worn. ©Microsoft Office ClipArt 2007 PROFESSIONAL BUSINESS ATTIRE For Women : PROFESSIONAL BUSINESS ATTIRE For Women Typically a suit or tailored dress in a traditional color such brown, beige, or gray. Skirt should extend to the Knee or below and should not have high slits. 6 © PhotoDisc / Getty Images A women's attire Slide 7: 7 Sleeved blouse in a light color that complements the color of the suit. Shoes should be closed-toe, low-heels Pantyhose should be skin colored Other Dressing Consideration : Other Dressing Consideration 8 Jewelry should not be gaudy or appear overpowering, Handbags should compliment the color of the suit Hair should be clean, trimmed, and neatly combed or styled Make-up use sparingly; natural looking Appearance is Only Part of the Equation : Appearance is Only Part of the Equation 9 Dress Attire Hygiene First Impressions Positive Attitude © Creatas / Jupiter Images Dressing Conservative for a job interview is best Hygiene : Hygiene In addition to selecting the right clothes, attention to personal hygiene is necessary. 10 The Power to Make a First Impression is Immeasurable : The Power to Make a First Impression is Immeasurable The successful professional will not leave this first impression to chance. Take time to review your attitude, clothing, manners, and body language. The best impression is a positive one. 11 Positive Attitude : Positive Attitude Attitude is defined as disposition, feelings, or moods toward things, circumstances, or people. Positive attitudes attract positive results. 12 Smile : Smile A warm and confident smile goes a long way toward making a good first impression. 13 This Has Been An Iris Production : This Has Been An Iris Production 14

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